Soylent makes my brain tickle, hyper aware, not able to sleep


When I drink even a small amount of soylent (not even 100% diet) my brain starts to tickle, it feels like it is just in between the skull and the brain. Also when I drink just a small amount and go straight to bed I can’t sleep, while my body is tired my brain is very much awake. I feel much more mentally aware and can think about complex issues with more ease, but sometimes it’s just a little too much … I wonder if it is the maltodextrin?

Also I noticed that a certain time after drinking soylent my whole body feels like it is sweating a little bit, there is no actual sweat on the skin but it feels like I’m just about to break a sweat, is this just the metabolism kicking in starting to burn through the calories?

Lastly even though the soylent tastes good/neutral/slightly sweet at first it always leaves a bitter / leaden / metallic feeling not just in my mouth but throughout my whole body, I really like the way I feel on soylent, no sugar crash, no afternoon slump, but this bitter / metallic (acidic?) feeling is off and I’d love to find a way to mitigate it …

Thanks for any insights!!

This is my recipe:

later I changed it a bit to have more variety in the carbs

I’m not actually using the sulfur, choline, potassium powders since I’m only replacing lunch …


First off, you can delete the MSM ingredient (whether you use it or not), because it’s completely unnecessary. The line for “Sulfur” in the nutritional profiles refers to sulfur-containing amino acids (SAA), and you’re getting enough of them from your protein sources (see this thread for more detail).

Not sure what to say about the sensations you’re experiencing. What do you eat normally, and do you ever feel this way otherwise? Do you find it pleasant / unpleasant?

Maltodextrin is just a carb source, so I wouldn’t regard it with much suspicion.


Why 3 protein powders? Isn’t rice enough?


Apparently it’s a more complete protein when you mix them? I think you can leave hemp out and still get a pretty good amino score, I actually started adding whey also, I like getting the nutrients from different sources, mixing it up for the body a bit …

I don’t mind the heightened awareness at first as it is nice to be able to think better, the problem is when it becomes so strong that it is a distraction in itself and you can no longer sleep / calm down even though you’re body is already tired …


You could have an underlying condition or been chronically deficient in some micronutients.
You may also be going way over RDA with something, due to your breakfast and dinners?

Maybe you can try this: Record the micronutrient content of everything you eat/drink, then figure out what is way off.


I left out the maltodextrin and honey and the effect is not that strong …

Later I blended in banana, kiwi and some brown sugar and it came back a bit, but not unpleasantly too much, I think it might just be short carbs that go as glucose straight in the brain and maybe stimulate the nerve-endings there (according to google that is what the tickling is …)

I will start adding choline and potassium to the recipe as my breakfast and dinners aren’t really that nutritiously special and see what that does …


Are you sure this is a good idea? You’re suppose to play attention to your micros, not gamble like that. I think you need a bit more science in your method.


Sure thing, more science: