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BRIEF-TerraVia suspends supply to Soylent
Dec 20 (Reuters) - TerraVia Holdings Inc (TVIA) -

  • Decision to suspend supply is based on “high level of concern” that soylent’s actions in addressing its issues with powder 1.6

  • Made decision to suspend supply to soylent of all its ingredients, effective immediately

  • TerraVia (TVIA) suspends supply to Soylent


This is a worrying development. I hope RF have a good PR person. Not a good time for something like this.

I thought their ingredients had already been discontinued by Rosa Labs?

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Does Soylent source its algal oil from TerraVia? Will their be a disruption in manufacturing of their powder and drink products? @Conor

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Hot take: TerraVia is run by petulant children. Incredibly disappointing/vindictive move on their part. “Hey, let’s punish our customer for trying to protect their customers.” Super glad I didn’t buy their stock.

I may or may not have sent TerraVia a salty email. I can’t wait for the form letter response.


Completely bizarre. If I were considering using TerraVia’s ingredients, knowing that they might later on cut me off out of spite would be the best way to drive me away. Why do they have any customers?


I see 2.1 and 1.8 on the horizon…or 2.0.1 and 1.7.1


I believe they do, yes. There’s a Reddit thread on the subreddit and someone called solazyme_investor (solazyme own Terravia I believe) has certainly implied such.

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I guess that’s typical.

People on the forums complain that Soylent takes forever and a day to react to complaints that make obvious an ingredient is making everyone in the world horribly sick…

And then the affronted supplier is “surprised and disappointed that Soylent rushed to imply that algal flour is to blame…"

I guess it just takes forever to rush to imply.


Not defending TerraVia but it’s worth remembering how relatively small the group affected was, compared to the whole pool of users. It’s still an issue and I look forward to our future hypoallergenic world, but this isn’t like product contamination or something. Maybe Rosa Labs and TerraVia should just accept that this is the cost of doing business.

It was also cheaper using customers as lab rats than an official study would’ve costed. Silver lining!

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Except, of course, the complaints did not make it obvious that everyone in the world was getting horribly sick. That must have been satirical it is so untrue, but unfortunately, I didn’t get it.

I agree, the whole episode was typical, though.


There won’t be any disruption.


Thanks for the reassurance! This kerfuffle actually had me a little worried…


Understandable, apologies for the slow response.


What’s the most effective way to start/propgate a TerraVia boycott?

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Continue not buying their products, like most everyone was already doing.


Lol. At least RF has a non-algae formulation of RTD ready to go. And hopefully enough stock of 1.7 to last until 1.8. I’m all for the cutting edge ingredients, but when you source them from niche mom and pops you are asking for trouble.

“[Update 12/20/2016, 3:30 ET] A class action lawsuit against Terravia is bubbling up among the company’s investors today, which may be fueling the public spat with Soylent. In a November complaint (PDF) seeking class action status, an investor claimed that Terravia was aware that their algae products caused gastrointestinal issues in some consumers but hid the fact from investors. The lawsuit cites a Bloomberg report that revealed Terravia had sent a notice to a distributer in July “warning that it had received a ‘modest number of reports’ showing that algal protein can cause ‘gastrointestinal distress.’” That squares with Soylent customer complaints, which came to light in October. Since Soylent placed the blame on Terravia’s algal flour in November, Terravia’s stock has declined dramatically.”


Interesting… The Terravia press release said:

“As of last week, TerraVia has fulfilled its existing supply commitments for all its ingredients used by Soylent.”

And another update to the ARS article has a quote from Rosa Labs:

"Although our ready-to-drink line does not contain the ingredients of concern, we have already developed versions without algae out of an abundance of caution. "

Sounds like the relationship between the companies isn’t very healthy…