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**Now that Soylent 1.0 is shipping, we are excited to release the new website! **

The new site offers two different ways of acquiring Soylent 1.0: one time purchases and subscriptions. Over the past year, many backers have asked for a subscription option. Soylent subscriptions are a fantastic way to ensure that you always have Soylent when you need it. With options for 1, 2 or 4 weeks of Soylent delivered monthly, a wide range of customers will be able to receive Soylent at a rate that matches their consumption.

You will notice that prices for some quantities of Soylent are higher than the crowdfunding campaign. These changes were necessary in order to ensure that ongoing Soylent production is economically viable, since the original crowdfunding prices did not take several important factors into account:

  • Starter kits. The prices used in the crowdfunding campaign did not include a starter kit. During our beta program we realized that the pitcher and scoop were vital for successful use of the product and decided to give them to our crowdfunding backers free of charge.

  • Shipping costs. A week of Soylent is about seven pounds, and a month is thirty pounds. We have negotiated competitive rates with FedEx, but they’re still higher than our original estimates.

  • Ingredients costs. We established the original Soylent campaign prices before the Soylent 1.0 formula was finalized, and these new prices better reflect the costs of Soylent’s raw ingredients. The ingredients used in Soylent 1.0 are also of higher quality than those that Rob originally used to make Soylent at home.

Because of the high volume of pre-orders that we are still working on fulfilling, orders placed by new customers on the site will ship in 10-12 weeks. Customers who have already received their first Soylent order will receive any reorders in 1-2 weeks. Updates to our shipping progress will be posted on and @soylent.

As we switch over to our new site, we would like to thank Crowdtilt and Backerkit for providing a solid crowdfunding platform that allowed us to concentrate on the most important aspects of our business – making Soylent 1.0 the best product possible. Glass and Marker did an amazing job on our new video, and we would also like to thank OKFocus for their partnership in designing our new site and working tirelessly to integrate the various pieces necessary to ensure a seamless online experience.

Soylent Update 5/10/14

Neato. Just let me know when I can order a batch of the real deal up in Canada.


Got a security error in Chrome:

What does this mean? normally uses encryption (SSL) to protect your information. When Chrome tried to connect to this time, returned unusual and incorrect credentials. Either an attacker is trying to pretend to be, or a Wi-Fi sign-in screen has interrupted the connection. Your information is still secure because Chrome stopped the connection before any data was exchanged.

Network errors and attacks are usually temporary, so this page will probably work later. You can also try switching to another network.

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yeah the DNS records for are still updating, please visit directly!


At those prices good luck getting the lower class to buy into Soylent. Main objective fail. I’m out.


I did. It auto redirects me.

It’s fine, it’s probably a caching problem.


So, when we sign up, does it know if we are an existing backer or a “new” customer so we are able to immediately re-order when we get our shipment?

Also worried about the price. Is there any hope of it going down in a few months?


I was excited when I saw there was a Merch section, but it turned out to be disappointing. Any chance shirts and other previous add-ons will be available for purchase? Maybe even other bottles and such? Site looks good though!


Those prices actually made me LOL. If I don’t want to subscribe the best bulk price is over $10/day?


I would guess its based on email. If you sign up for monthly or one time, if you use the same email as the backerkit, they will know.


The new site looks great!

Two things, would it be a good idea to set up a subscription for a monthly amount sooner rather than later if it’s going to take 1-2 weeks to ship?

And, I’m just noticing stuff while I’m reading, but in the “What’s Soylent made of?” section:
“The two main sources of carbs in Soylent are the starch in oat flour the oligosaccharide Maltodextrin.” probably needs an ‘and’ in there.


I LOVE the dystopian feel in the video!

I, for one, welcome our new nutritional overlords.


Site & Video are awesome! Love the “Shout Out” to the DIY community! I feel like a Soylent Pioneer!


I tried logging in with my backerkit account, and it didn’t seem to work. Do we have to sign up again on the new site or are you importing the backerkit accounts to soylent?


When I go on the site I see the splash screen (black with Soylent logo) then I get re-directed to the main page. I see the grey header but the entire rest of the site is just white. I can see the actual web page but it’s like it is behind a white screen. I can’t click on the video to play it.

There is a scroll bar on the side of the screen but everything else is just a white page.

Also, I don’t see the progress bar on the splash screen doing anything.

I’m using Chrome browser in Windows.

I found that if I open in Windows IE it seems to work fine. Just not in Chrome.


“A new life awaits you on the off world colonies.”


How does the subscription work exactly?


I just ordered from the new site and chose “ship to non-billing address”. It never asked for that address. Is the new system like Backerkit in that it will follow up with some sort of survey to collect this information? I had assumed that process was just an idiosyncrasy because you were using Backerkit. Is this still the process?


Great video, and glad this website is ready!

I’m not liking the prices for non subscription orders though! I would like to see a subscription pricing for 60 Soylent meals/mo which would cover those that want one normal meal per day.


Nice job.
Let’s hope that after 6 months of slightly higher prices, that the contributions of our continental United States comrades will provide the revenue to expand the operation enough so the global domination phase can take place. We’re all waiting in the wings here for the international debut.

On a practical note, it’s great to see you have changed the “one month’s” worth to “28 bags”. You might want to consider letting people customise the periodicity of the orders a bit more precisely, either that or let them specify it in weeks. Most months have more than 28 days, meaning a monthly order of 28 bags means a mandatory 1 or 2 days of muggle food. Maybe that’s the intention? Is your legal department insisting you don’t make it easy for people to live exclusively on soylent? If so is there something you should be telling us about it’s efficacy?