Soylent measurements don't add up


I started using Soylent yesterday. According to the prep page, each scoop contains 270 calories, and two scoops is a meal. I had a two-scoop lunch yesterday, and a three-scoop “brunch” today.

My Soylent pouch was exactly empty on five scoops.

The prep page also says the entire package contains 2,010 calories.

Something must be off here.

Did I have 540 and 810 calories, respectively? Or 804 and 1,206? (what you get if you take 2,010 calories and divide by 5).


I came here to note the same thing! I wonder if this is specific to this newest batch… It seems like a new complaint? I’m really confused since I’m a small woman, and the whole bag is too many calories for me. I need to be able to measure out the appropriate amount without over or under eating… So confused!


With the current scoop you should have ~5 scoops per bag. They ordered the scoops before v1.0 was finalized, so they had to guesstimate the scoop volume.


The Soylent scoops don’t contain all the calories, the rest is in the oil.


@Benji - according to the prep page the caloric quantities per scoop that I measured were including the oil. I think you are right though that the numbers shown on the prep page actually don’t include the oil (which you correctly point out is a different error attributing a wrong number of calories to a scoop). It would be nice if Soylent would correct the info on their prep page.


So do the new shipments of soylent have the correct sized scoop or is there any idea when the correct sized scoops will be implemented?


No, still the same scoop. They have not updated it, and have not said if/when they will.


I still don’t understand why anyone prepares Soylent by the scoop. Do they just not have the pitcher (or a comparable one)? It seems far more sensible to me to just mix up the entire pouch and drink until it’s all gone. Even if it takes you 2-3 days, there’s no problem there with the Soylent.

Maybe there’s a really sensible reason for doing this that I’m not seeing.


The powder keeps longer, so if you’re just making a meal or two, you put the leftover powder in a ziploc baggy. You could freeze leftover Soylent, but it’s easier to do the baggies. For people doing mostly or 100% Soylent, the pitchers definitely work out as the better option, but the sporadic users need a better measurement option.


I’ve been using one scoop a day because if I drink anymore than that it results in excessive amounts of gas. If I made a pitcher it would take me 5 days to finish it.


Ahh ok, I guess if you drink a very small quantity per day, then yeah it might go bad too quickly. I didn’t take into account single individuals only using Soylent occasionally.


Ok, so I would love a confirmation of the following deductions:

The calorie count of the full packet & and oil bottle of Soylent is 2010 calories.
A scoop of soylent is 1/5 serving, which should be mixed with roughly 1/5 of the oil for 402 calories.

In the above official comment it says there should be 3.5 meals of Soylent, but it should say 2.5 meals when defining a meal as 2 scoops.

In other words…

1 Bag + oil bottle = (444 grams powder) + oil = 3 servings = 2.5 scoops = 2010 calories
1 Serving/meal = 1/3 bag + 1/3 oil bottle = (148 grams powder) + oil = 670 calories = 1 and 2/3 scoop
1 Scoop = 1/5 bag + 1/5 oil bottle = (~89 grams powder) + oil = ~402 calories = ~3/5 serving



From what is mentioned above 1 bag is 3 servings, and if I remember correctly 1 serving is 670 calories with oil. So your “In other words…” are all correct.

My first day with Soylent was Saturday and I’m easing into it as recommended, and I find that 1 scoop makes for a decent breakfast, and with only that, I ended up following up my ~3/5 serving with a 60 mile bike ride which was tracked by Strava as burning 2000 calories over 4 hours. Without Soylent, I’d have had a tough time making it home after that long of a ride. Then got home and had a recovery drink at like 9am and then normal meals the rest of the day.


That’s why I started with only one a day.


I just tested, got a little more than 5 scoops. I’ve been counting my calorie intake wrong because I was measuring 2010cal/7scoops (or 3.5 meals)


I find the scoop measurements can vary. Packed firm, etc. I prefer weight measurements instead. or separate into 4 separate baggies for 500 kcal each.