Soylent/Medication Interactions


A thousand thanks for bringing Soylent to this world.

I take the medication ziprasidone (trade name Geodon) for bi-polar disorder. A key requirement (one the medical profession wasn’t aware of when I started taking it…) is that it must be taken with food to have its full primary effect (side effects are generally not reduced when not taken with food). As in, it loses 50% or more of its efficacy.

However, ziprasidone is fairly picky about what kind of food you take it with. The doctors recommend a minimum of 500 Calories, but (as I know from painful experience) 500 Calories of candy bars won’t do it. It has to be real, balanced food — protein, fat, and carbs together. If I take it with a meal that’s off on any axis it can take me a couple of days to get back on track.

Soylent, as tested over a week of meals (generally only one meal a day, the one I take my medication with), works, and gives me no grief about unbalanced nutrition or inadequate portions, and doesn’t forcibly take the time out of my day to prepare a full meal when I’m in a hurry.

Thank you, Rosa Labs.


That’s fantastic. So happy for you.