Soylent merchandise...What would you buy?


What type of Soylent swag would you pay for?

I think thinkgeek would do well carrying Soylent stuff


Soylent branded digestive enzymes? :stuck_out_tongue:



I mean pitchers with actual Soylent branding. I’d love that!


If I’d had a choice of a Soylent-branded Contigo bottle I’d have chosen it as long as it didn’t come with a higher price tag. I wouldn’t buy anything that wasn’t functional so something like stickers or anything that was purely for “social proof” of Soylent, I wouldn’t bother with.


I’ve always wanted a soylent logo sticker to throw on the side of my thermos. Figured it would be neat to see how many others do the same, and how many ‘soylenters’ you would end up seeing out in the wild.


Soylent-branded, wide-mouthed water bottle with measurements on side (milliliters and ounces) similar to the ones found on REI’s Website.

A bumper sticker that reads, “I eat Soylent” or “I don’t eat because of Soylent”

Shirts that read “Soylent” or “Eating is so 2014”


I opted to go this way.


I don’t eat
I Soylent


I still want the stainless cups I originally ordered.

I might also be down for a hat, t-shirt, mug, a nice vacuum bottle…


I thought those stainless steel cups were cool, especially for the price. Disappointed that I couldn’t get some.

Please, please, please do this! I’ve been asking Rosa Labs to to this forever.


Nothing, outside of very well designed pitchers and/or blender bottles.

People throw too much money at useless shiny things.


I would probably sticker everything in my possession if they did this. XD not sure if that is an argument for or against it, though.


They included 1 Soylent sticker in the starter kit. I’m kinda surprised they don’t do that in every box as well.


Its not useless if they get pleasure out of showing it off :smile:


That’s useless, too. Double useless to me, actually.

They sent out stickers in the starter kit already, too, BTW.


If its useless to you, then its useless to you. Cant question that. My point was if a person feels good showing it off, then its not exactly ‘useless’ to them…because it made them feel good.


Whaaaat? I must have missed this in my 1 month order from this year.


Yeah, I find that whole mindset useless.

Much like this back and forth! haha


This back and forth was pleasurable for me :smile:

I kid ofcourse.


Off-topic is useless.
Seriously though, branded pitchers and blender bottles is the way to go. I seem to recall a Soylent rep mentioning somewhere here that designing their own pitcher was already in the works.