Soylent Messes Up - I Use It To Their Advantage

I’ve been using Soylent 1.4 for a little over a week. A few days ago I recieved another month of Soylent. It came several weeks too early and with a Starter Kit. Odd. So I emailed them.

It looks as though this is just a reshipment of your February order. There was a little mix up after one of your previous emails, and we reshipped it thinking your original subscription order hadn’t shipped. You have not been charged, so please feel free to keep this order on us.

Well, I’m obviously not gonna eat 4,000 calories a day. So I gave a week of bags each to 4 friends.

2 have already told me, after only a few glasses, that they plan to subscribe as soon as possible.

Soylent - 2
Grocery Store - 0


Extra shipment FTW.


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Their blunder paid off :smile: