Soylent Mixing Routine


Once Feb/March rolls around and we start receiving our official shipments of Soylent, what is your mixing routine going to look like?

I will want to have breakfast and lunch in my office, personally. Ideally, I would mix it on the spot, but that would mean that blenders are out of the question (too noisy for the workplace). It would also mean that I wouldn’t make my “daily batch” all at once.

I COULD make a daily batch each morning and take the breakfast/lunch portion in to work with me, but that adds the whole issue of carrying it in each day (and the possibility that I forget it in my morning haze).

How do other people structure their routine with DIY soylent or how do people plan to do this when their Soylent arrives?


I’ve been thinking of getting one of those vortex blender to-go mugs for on-the-go single meal mixing. I’m not sure how well they actually blend things, though.

I’ve also been wondering if it’s okay to mix up the next day’s batch the night before. I have to be out the door by 4:50 every morning, so adding any amount of time to my morning routine is not something I want to do, even if it’s just five minutes to dump things in a blender.


That’s a great question as well - how long will a mixed up batch last?

That Vortex thing looks interesting!


The last beta version mixes in 90 second. No blender, no special shaker bottle. Put everything in a 2l pitcher and give it a shake. I was mixing a full days worth the night before. Then pouring out into whatever portion I wanted to take with me.


No blender necessary since according to 10/6 post it ships with a Takeya 66oz airtight pitcher. Of course if you are going DIY you will probably need a large blender.


Oh cool! I didn’t realize it had gotten so easy to mix; last I heard you really needed a blender to get all the chunks out.

That’s good news.


That is definitely good news! I am assuming I can just do it in a nalgene bottle as well. Again, I am definitely wanting to do one meal at a time as opposed to doing a big pitcher and just have it sit there in my office…


Perhaps a blenderball might help speed up the mixing process? Hard to say without access to the latest build.

I suppose mixing individual meal portions are possible if you take the time to measure out and separate both the powder and the oil blend, but that seems tedious to me.


The latest update said it will come with a measuring scoop to measure out individual servings, which I think is a great idea. Though no mention of how the oils will be handled.