Soylent mixing unclear


I just brought my first tub of soylent and only want to mix what I need for the day so how much water to soylent should I use?


You’ll have to experiment to find what you like. When I was allowed to have it I would usually mix thick and have coffee at the same time. In general I think it was around half bag a day .


For a full 2000kcal bag, theoretically, you’re supposed to add 2L of water… you can do the math from there (preferred is weight of powder to volume of water)


The old scoop was between 1/2 -2:3 cup. I would mix with 500ml water. I was never a stickler for exact measurements for calorie or nutrition purpose it was more about texture and what I was in the mood for. You can enter “scoop “ into the search and find several discussions. :clinking_glasses:


I have the old metal scoop that RL used to send out, and I use it much more than the cheap plastic scoops. They should still offer that! It is very convenient - scant 2 scoops is one 500 calorie meal - easy to remember. The new plastic scoops are (I’m pretty sure) 3 scoops for a 500 calorie meal. If you want more or less, use more or less. The same goes for the amount of water - find what works for you. I prefer a shake of around 18-20 liquid ounces.

And don’t forget that you can add stuff and put it in a blender to improve the taste - I have tried a lot of things - bananas, spices, sugars, syrups, artificial flavors, fruit, peanut butter, berries, cocoa powder… Enjoy!