Soylent needs a savory/umami option

I think the next big innovation for Soylent would be a savory/umami option.
The regular Soylent options are both perfectly edible food, but the cravings I get are always for something not so sweet. I’ve tried to make Soylent more savory with spices, but it came out kind of unpleasant because how the sweetness of Soylent.

I’m fine with something sweet for breakfast and “dessert” but I’d really like something more “hearty” for lunch and dinner.

Maybe it’s because Soylent lacks that “cooked” element that brings out the flavors of spices and herbs.

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I bet they will eventually diversify the product into multiple flavours.

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I read about someone who made a tomato soup flavored 2.0. They could remove the sweetener and flavors and it would be very bland, but what kind of flavor would go best with that texture?

I’ve thought about this before, but could only come up with soup flavors (chicken broth, onion, creamy vegetable, miso, etc.). I’d be interested to hear other ideas for a savory flavor.

Many creamy soups are really sweet, especially carrot and tomato, maybe a mix of 1 soylent bottle and 1 can of tomatoes would work with salt addendum … I should try lol

Have you tried mixing it with a little bit of soy sauce?

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I second this option, in addition:
-balance(regular, sports, geriatric)
-content(common, keto, diabetic, celiac, allergen-free)
-taste(neutral, sweet, sour, umami), hot taste will be provided via flavoring
-calorie(1500 to 6000 per day in 500 kcal increments)
-ceutics(snack-like, cake-like, soup-like, non heat drink, powder)

The problem is still that soylent’s base is too sweet.

I wouldn’t exactly call it sweet…

If we’re talking 2.0, it tastes sweet to me, but other people have said it doesn’t taste sweet to them. Experiences vary, even with identical product. I had my brother try a bottle of my 2.0, and he didn’t think it was sweet either.

I think plain 1.5 was pretty bland, but I’ve been adding stuff to it for weeks now (usually chocolate flavored protein powder, sometimes just cocoa or cocoa and sucralose).

I have actually. I did like it though I know it’s weird but the salty sweet was pleasant to me.

I drank it very slowly over an hour.

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Teriyaki is also salty-sweet; nothing wrong with that.

I wonder if adding some salt (in addition to the soy sauce) can mask some of the sweetness …

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I’ve tried it with plain salt and liked it a lot