Soylent needs to educate its customers or risk losing them


I’ve been subscribing soylent for over a year and gas problem still happens, which is one of the reasons I only drink it when work gets really intense. I’ve always suspect the gas has to do with soy beans, though, because as East Asians we know far too well what would happen if one consumes lots of soy beans or soy products lol. That said, since it’s not my field of study, I don’t know whether it’s caused by the fiber or, say, soy protein or other stuff in it.

I didn’t give much thought on its fiber content though; I was actually going to ask whether the fiber content can go up a bit further to make it more filling lol. Would it be possible to increase the complexity of the fiber content? Figured that might be less likely to get my gut bacteria overexcited (and pump up their gas production).


You can add your own fiber, but this is an ancient thread and the comments about Soylent are not very relevant to the newer versions – literally years newer.


Yeah I got aware of that shortly after I posted the reply… But gas is indeed still a problem.


Gas is still a problem for you, no doubt. But the number of people who have identical problems with three-year old Soylent as with current versions seems to be small.