"Soylent! Never Eat Again" A Hilario Video Critique of Soylent

After getting into Soylent, I have been trying to live a minimalist lifestyle.
This fun video reminds me of the limitations of such endeavor.
Do you related to this?


Wait, Soylent comes in a carton now?

I am totally going to buy the Soylent spouse…

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Soylent suit!


…So this is an actual product, and I thought it was satire.

If the “Soylent suit” is real, the limit is the sky.

the jumpsuit site is amazing, especially the marx quotes :smiley:

Am I the only one here who finds the idea of everyone wearing generic jumpsuits appealing? I loved that when I was working in the oil field; There were some variations in colour and design, but everyone had to wear the coveralls. It was functional clothing, designed to protect us, rather than fashionable clothing designed to…enhance mating rituals?

I hate when I want to take a shortcut through through some sparse hedges and my friends refuse because their pants might get damaged, or because they’re wearing shorts/skirt and are afraid of scratching their legs. That’s why I wear jeans; I can take my shortcuts without consequence. Or going through snow in the winter time! I just trudge through like nothing’s wrong, because I have boots suitable for the occasion, while my friends take some ridiculously long route around because their UGGs aren’t waterproof. I don’t understand the appeal.


Yes, I hope you’re the only one who finds everybody wearing generic jumpsuits appealing! Human being are vision oriented creatures and seeing people in clothes that they selected makes the world a more varied and interesting place. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a lousy dresser, but at least the stupid clothes choices I’m wearing right now are my stupid clothes choices!


+1 for the generic jumpsuit. Think of all the resources we could allocate to other things. As an added bonus, we might actually have to talk to people in order to judge them for once. It’d be to clothing as Soylent is to food though; we’d still use special clothing for special occasions.

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Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for self-expression. My t-shirts are all printed with images that represent my interests; Doctor Who, Zelda, Miyazaki, etc. and that encourages like-minded people to talk to me.

I just don’t like the idea of sacrificing functionality for the sake of that “expression.” We can wear printed jumpsuits. We can even take inspiration from Larry Niven and use different coloured edges on our jumpsuits to signify certain social cues.

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I share your opinion. However, It is based on pure idealism. Most human beings are not as rational as we wish. Our culture follows a traditionalist mindset. For instance, I have discussed ideas like Soylent and Beyond Meat with several friends. Despite their knowledge on the precarious state of the food system, they continue on self-indulgence. “Taste comes first, and sustainability comes second”. Hopefully, we are ahead of the bell curve .

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The answer is simple. Practical jump suits with programmable graphics.

Then you can wear the same thing, but look different. Kinda like adding food dye to soylent.


Hanging on the roof drinking Soylent Suicide? Give me a break, why not hang on Hollywood Blvd with Soylent Sheen, cruisin’ for, er, well, Marty will figure it out!

Man, I work from home and pretty much wear pajamas most days, but even I don’t like the sound of this horrible jumpsuit dystopia! Forget colors and patterns – what of variations in cut and form to flatter different body types? Or like, weather?

“Flattering” different body types does not serve a functional purpose. Being form-fitting, sure; there would have to be multiple shapes and sizes to fit different body types without restricting movement or hanging too much. And yes, weather would be addressed too: when I worked in the oil field, I had a summer coverall, a winter coverall, and a waterproof coverall. Other layers underneath could be added or removed as needed.

No problems there.

No, it serves an aesthetic purpose. That’s a good and important thing.

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You have to understand that different people place different utilities on things. You may place a high utility on being able to barge through a hedge and a low utility on looking cute. Someone else may place a low utility on being able to go through the hedge, because they don’t mind circling around it, and a higher utility on a pair of footwear that makes them smile.

Neither one’s wrong.

You’re a Doctor Who fan, so: who’s Smith’s Doctor without the bowtie? Pertwee’s Doctor without the ruffles? Tennant’s Doctor without the coat? Tom Baker’s Doctor without the scarf? None of them utilitarian, but all of them express something about the character that colors on a jumpsuit never could.

Now, I say this as someone who can’t be bothered about clothes 95% of the time, personally. But you can’t say it’s wrong to enjoy clothes. I can’t be bothered with cooking 99% of the time, hence Soylent, but there’s nothing wrong with loving good food well prepared, either. And there’s nothing wrong with not.


Chin boy, fluffy, excited eyebrows, and glorious nose, respectively.

Just to be clear, though; I don’t think that purely aesthetic clothing choices are wrong, just that life would be easier without them. I do not seriously believe that the world as it is should turn around and start wearing nothing but generic jumpsuits. I think it is tantalizing as an alternate universe, rather than a goal for this universe. And yes, I do appreciate the signature accessories of each Doctor. You should appreciate the actors themselves too, though, because clothing is not what brings the character to life :wink:

I do appreciate the actors–I’m just glad they aren’t wearing jumpsuits (even if fezes aren’t quite as Cool as some may think)!

I am not sure if you are aware of this but we are not Vulcans. Perhaps, 500 hundred years into the future, Neo-Humans will not be tie by ancestral behaviors.

I think his point is that is a worthy goal that we should strive toward.