Soylent night... if you have Soylent for Christmas dinner

Do you call it Soylent Night…:laughing:


Heck ya!
Ho Ho Ho
Leaving soylent-cookies and a bottle of 2.0 out for Santa even


I’m going sans-Soylent for Christmas break because I didn’t have room for any in my luggage :frowning: Life is so much harder with normal food…I was so dissatisfied with breakfast this morning. All I could find in the house was bread and one egg, so I had a bit of toast and a fried egg. Was starving until someone arrived with groceries for making lunch. (The cars were both already in use by other people and there are no buses in this town, so I couldn’t even go out to buy second breakfast…)

I’m looking forward to Christmas dinner, but every other meal just seems like a chore. I miss just pulling a bottle out of the fridge and getting instant satisfaction. First world problems, I know.


I was good all year, so I bought myself some Soylent for Christmas. Other foods I will be eating include cookies and pizza.


I wanted to have Soylent for the holidays. But family wants me around they always make special plans. They get a little angry if you don’t participate, so I have had several big meals lately and there is still one to go. Goose with the fixings and all extras, and wine. I think I actually have an extra 12 pack of 2.0 now, so I believe I will put a bow on that and put it in my brother’s fridge since he’s a bachelor who doesn’t cook. He will likely look at the box tomorrow when he’s searching for food and scratch his head in wonder. I’m going to download the “What is Soylent” video and put it on a disk for him, stuff that into an envelope, and it will be sitting right there on top of the box. That will certainly tickle his fancy. Who knows, this might make him a new customer.


I was invited for dinner by some friends of my parents. It was delicious, but 14 hours later I still don’t want a bite (or sip) to eat.