Soylent Nightmares


I don’t dream very much (without Soylent), but for some reason almost without fail I have a nightmare (bad dream!) every night I go to sleep if I’ve had around half a day’s worth or more of official Soylent (guesstimate, but basically I mean if I’ve had Soylent for most of my day’s nutrition). The nightmares are really terrible. I am not joking. It’s made me start and stop [official] Soylent a few times now. One night I awoke in the middle of the night trembling in fear :frowning: . I have made my own DIY soylent before I received Soylent and I haven’t had this problem with it…

Can someone clue me in as to what could be the physiology behind this AND - this is a long shot - anything that could alleviate this issue? Also is having else having nightmares due to Soylent?


I can tell you this much, I absolutely have the most vivid dreams since Soylent. Haven’t had any nightmares, but dreasm in general are in full glorious technicolor and quadrophonic sound. Sound in particular in fact, is a component of Soylent dreams that is seriously intense. I can hear every voice, clear as day. Every ambient noise… everything. It’s crazy. The only time I’ve had dreams like this otherwise, has been when I’ve taken various supplements specifically to attempt to have vivid or possibly lucid dreams.

So I don’t think it’s just you. Not sure about the nightmare part in particular… that part probably is just you. :wink: Maybe you’ve got a lot of stress on your mind lately? Or you go to bed after something like watching the news, or you fall asleep with the TV on and it influences your dreams? I dunno, but I can at least validate the vivid part.


I can tell you that I read before that going to bed hungry makes you more likely to remember your dreams (or was it the other way around?) Don’t think Soylent causes nightmares directly, this is more likely something to do with you :slight_smile: everyone dreams every night, but the question is if you are going to remember it… if you wake up right when you were having the dream or right after you are more likely to remember it (that is why your also more likely to remember nightmares if they wake you up in panic).

But that is all I can tell you.


I can’t say I’ve ever had dreams that I could directly link to food consumption, but both diphenhydramine (Benadryl) and melatonin consistently give me vivid dreams. As for suppressing vivid dreams…I have a friend from Cote d’Ivoire West Africa who has PTSD from living through part of the civil war that tore his country apart while he was a teenager prior to his moving to the United States, and the only thing that has ever successfully made his nightmares about steely-eyed mercenary soldiers descending on his village go away is ingesting Cannabis before going to sleep.


No changes in dreams here, with and without. Remember a lot of the changes you are experiencing could be caused by your mind wanting you to experience changes. Placebo effects are very much a real thing. It’s very hard to go in expecting no changes. :stuck_out_tongue:


Some quick reading on google says that vitamin b-6 can increase vivid dreams / recalling dreams


I had vivid dreams and nightmares on the two nights when I used 100% Soylent. It reminded me of dreams I often have when I indulge in rich food. I always chalked it up to being vegan. One of the great romantic poets was generally vegan but would consume meat on occasion specifically to induce dreams and nightmares that he used for inspiration. I’d guessed it was caused by fat, but maybe it’s one or more amino acids. Some are precursors of neurotransmitters.


It would be immensely helpful to have vivid dreams that I could remember. Alas, no. No nightmares, either.


I’m noticing more dreams, in general. I’m going to have to agree with most of the others here and say the actual nightmares are probably the result of your own psychology. I might look into sources of stress in your life as a culprit. The Soylent might just be increasing its vividness and making it appear that the number of nightmares is increasing.


Interesting. I do dream pretty often so I wonder what effects soylent would have on me.


Everyone dreams every night… It is remembering the dreams that is the tricky part. You either need to wake up right after or while you are dreaming or something similar to that extent… In order for you to remember it (im sure there are exceptions)

If you guys have ever heard about DMT the drug, which basically induces a dream like halluciantion… That you only remember shortly after it is over. It is basically the same (if I understand correctly, the brain releases DMT also when you dream)


My dreams are no more (or less) vivid. I wish they were, I love a vivid dream.


Me too! Been a while since I had one I could remember :3 but those I do… Flying… Running fast and jumping high were some of the most awesome I had, with full controle of what I was doing in the dream and almost felt like it was real with physical feelings.


Well specifically to help with brain activity & vivid dreams… in the past I’ve taken:

Any B vitamins can be taken for increased brain power but if taken at night, for lucid dreaming (except for B6), may interfere with sleep.

Your mileage may vary, void where prohibited.


I’ve no expert insight, but I can say that oddly enough I was just talking about this with my wife this morning.

She often remembers her dreams and they are typically vivid, epic, fantasy fulfilment about being a wizard or a dragon or something. She’s not noticed any change in her dream patterns.

I always tend to have incredibly odd, disjointed dreams that are often disturbing just because of their abstract nature. But I rarely ever remember them, like, once a month or two I’ll remember one. Last couple weeks though, I’ve been remembering them a lot more clearly and vividly.


Well I’m starting at a new university this fall and I will be getting a new part time job or volunteering in addition. It feels kind of stressful but I wouldn’t attribute stress with nightmares in my case because I’ve not found it to be a factor in whether I experience nightmares or not. I don’t dream much regardless of life situation without soylent or at least don’t recall them if it’s true that everyone dreams every night. No TV or constant sound (expect low hum of AC). It’s nice to know other people get vivid dreams on Soylent, but I’m not getting any nice dreams, just nightmares :frowning:

I might just stop Soylent again. I forgot to say that Soylent also hurts my head/gives me a headache and I do make sure to include the appropriate amount of water (I fill up the container to the top with water) and I include 1/4 tsp salt as per updated instructions!

Actually, I just thought of something. I am going to try some Soylent without including the oil blend and see if anything changes.


Lord Byron might be the one I’m thinking of:

“For most of his life he was a vegetarian, and often lived for days on dry biscuits and white wine. [nineteenth century Soylent] Occasionally he would eat large helpings of meat and desserts, after which he would purge himself.”

With me, it was “vegan” Chinese food. I once read that these mock meats imported from China can contain up to 40% real meat, so it could be. Something tells me it’s not the best cuts of meat, either.

For me, these dreams are more like the sort that I have when I’m sick with a fever. Disturbing dreams. Nothing like lucid dreams.


How long had you been on Soylent? Perhaps it is hunger headaches? I don’t think you can blame it on the oil to be honest… But you could actually blame the dreams/nightmares on the headaches



Wow! That does sound unpleasant!

When I first started on Soylent, my body did go through some changes, many of which other folks have mentioned. I seem to recall that I also had more vivid dreams, but those went away after I had used Soylent for a while.

One thing I did when I was having unpleasant side effects was to reboot: I went back to only having Soylent for one meal a day for three days, then two meals a day for three days, then finally three meals a day. This did help some with the physical symptoms. Maybe the same technique could help with your sleep problems.

A note on the terminology: In technical terms, a “nightmare” is an unpleasant dream that causes you to wake up. An unpleasant dream that does not wake you up is just called a “bad dream”.

Of course, in common usage, people often refer to bad dreams as nightmares. It sounds like you might have had both.

I hope you can resolve the problem.



You must be adding drugs to your Soylent. It’s basically a huge dose of salt and fake cabs. They outsource the manufacture of Soylent so it’s any body’s guess what’s a actually in it. They have virtually no quality control in place.