Soylent + No Carb

Any thoughts on using Soylent + meat for a weight loss program? Mix the low GI carbs in Soylent with 0 carbs and high protein of meat?

Could work if you normally consume well over 2000kcal (diluting the carbs in Soylent)… but not sure if it would make that much difference. I normally consume 2800kcal or so. I’ve tried adding whey and olive oil to dilute the carbs but that was a while ago… too much hassle.

Soylent probably has too many carbs to be a useful base in a low carb diet. :frowning:

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You don’t need a low carb diet to lose weight, you just need less calories than your TDEE requires. Also, Soylent itself isn’t particularly low carb, and diluting it with something else sort of defeats the purpose of it being a nutritionally complete meal.


Yes! Thank you for this! I’ve done high carb low fat vegan for years and have lost much weight! and maintained it. I’ve been doing 100% soylent for a week now and I find the fat content of soylent to be shockingly high compared to what my body is used too!