Soylent Noodles


Would it be possible to make a Soylent Ramen? Complete nutrition, with low cost and convenience. Being able to “eat” provides a psychological benefit from chewing and swallowing a hot meal. Ramen does not provide complete nutrition, so make Soylent noodles that do! I would buy it for an emergency food supply, or when i was too lazy to cook, and would know that I am getting all the nutrients that my body needs.


Perhaps wait till they have shipped the product before raising them to deity level.


I have made Soylent pancakes before as well as fruit smoothies. It probably wouldn’t be too difficult to craft Soylent into other forms. Basically just replace the flower/sugar/most dry ingredients in recipes with Soylent. It takes a lot of fine tuning and experimentation but you can probably make tons of stuff with Soylent.


If you mean instant ramen (which I assume you do, since you mentioned not cooking) I think it would be difficult, not cost-effective, and require a complete rebalancing of the nutrition. Instant ramen noodles are usually cooked and then fried at very high heat to get them to the dry reconstitutable state you find them in in stores. So the frying would add oil/calories and the heating would deteriorate the nutrients.

It’s also possible to do baked instant ramen, which would fix the oil problem, but the process takes a lot longer, is less cost effective, and the heat thing would still be an issue.

I mean… I think it would be completely possible theoretically, but in the relatively low quantities it would be produced, and all the additional production costs, Soylent Ramen would end up being so expensive it probably wouldn’t be worth it to anyone.

If you meant fresh ramen, though, I think that might be doable at home with some tweeking.


I’ve done pancakes, cookies, bread, souffle’s. Anything you want, really.

I’m going to a “cake conference” at a friends house (silly little tradition), And I plan on bringing over a cake made from my DIY soylent. For this batch, I’ll probably do Key Lime flavor with some sort of cream frosting. I can’t wait to offer my skeptical buddies some of my soylent green!


I was thinking of this exact same thing years ago, the perfect nutritional balance in the perfect food form, cheap, available for all the poor people :slight_smile:


I’ve made peanut butter cookies using beta Soylent. They are quite delicious according to those who have tasted them! I have also used them to introduce the non believers to Soylent.


In the ramen that I have used there is a flavor packet that makes it chicken, or beef, or pork ramen. Why not put the heat-sensitive nutrients in there, and then “noodle-ise” the more heat-tolerant ingredients?


great idea!

i’ve had some noodles from asian suppliers that also have little sachets of oils and sauces too, to keep them from spoiling the dry ingredients whilst sitting on the shelf.


FYI update: I made a batch of Soylent Key Lime + white chocolate chips last night. My wife is a notoriously picky eater and has refused to touch my soylent in the past. Only half of it survived until work today… :smiley:
Where it was tried by a coworker who is a former baker, who gave it a seal of approval… :smiley: :blush: YATA!

Making a second batch, and this weekend I’ll just color the batter green and add a white chocolate glaze. Awesome!.


Did you know you can even dry food below zero? -if one would use this method no ingredient would suffer.
In a (relative) vacuum ice/water will turn straight into vapour.

On the youtube channel “applied science” Ben Krasnow has a tutorial on how to make astronaut ice-cream.
You basically need a glass container, a vacuum pump, a heater and dry ice (a thermometer is handy too).
If you are patient you don’t need the heater and if your pump is water proof you don’t need dry ice.

Letting the sauce contain the healthy stuff has a drawback, some people might choose not to add the sauce because they don’t like the flavour


Ok, time to start banging the drums.

The gods have bestowed their miraculous creation upon us - I have seen an unboxing video.