Soylent not advised for babies, but why?

Newborns tend to stick to formula or breast milk, while toddlers tend to eat anything that adults do. Why specifically is Soylent not advised for a baby to consume? I also seem to remember seeing something from Soylent saying that it’s not advised for pregnant women either.

Soylent is essentially a meal replacement shake that would be healthier than anything else we’d eat anyway, right? What am I missing here? Why is Soylent not advised for babies/pregnant women?

Babies have different nutritional requirements than adults. They may eat the same foods, but not in the same ratio.

Similarly, they can eat soylent, but they can’t eat only soylent.

Also, baby formula is basically soylent.


This is just out of my own, mostly-vacant head, but I always figured advice like that was partially precautionary — 0–2 is, I understand, a fairly crucial age, and trauma/damage at that point can have consequences for the rest of the child’s life.


The wife fed our 5 year old daughter a donut for breakfast. Mac & cheese and PBJ is fairly common. I can’t see how this is less harmful than Soylent. If it were just me I would feed my daughter Soylent (she does like it) but the wife is afraid it is too “calorie dense”. I think that is just a BS answer so not sure if there is an actual good reason. I wouldn’t go 100% though. I grew up with a very small number of foods in my diet so I wouldn’t want to force that on anybody.


They don’t want the headache. You are free to disregard their recommendation but don’t go blaming Soylent IF something goes wrong.


Nanny state. …

It may well be worse than Soylent, but I can understand that Rosa Labs aren’t going to recommend Soylent for babies just because some people sometimes feed their 5-year-olds something less healthy than Soylent.


Because breast milk and baby formula are complex as all hell. Babies have complex nutritional needs–for example, high amounts of choline supplementation are required in baby formula because otherwise the baby becomes retarded.

A five-year-old child isn’t a baby. A child is growing rapidly for sure; a baby is trying to develop into some semblance of a human bioform. Babies come out because they simply don’t fit anymore. They come out with brains so undeveloped that they can’t support consciousness (they can scream, smile, and otherwise react; but they aren’t actually aware of the world–and humans recognize anthropomorphic behavior as awareness specifically so they don’t recognize a newborn infant as a non-human lump and abandon it). It takes three months for the brain to get into a useful state.

Failing to provide the necessary diet will cause bad development in the worst way. Well, okay, alcohol is the worst–so much so that mothers using heroin in pregnancy typically have much-healthier babies than other drug-using mothers because heroin and alcohol is a fatal mixture (everyone loves alcohol and stimulants, so other drug-abusing mothers frequently consume alcohol during pregnancy). Early diet can still be ruinous, which is why the WHO recommends breast feeding through 2-3 years of age.


Yup, the fourth trimester takes place outside of the mother since our large head size requires it. So they are still a fetus for those first three months ex-utero.

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