Soylent Not Filling - What to do?

I work at an office and I drink 500 cals of 1.5 for breakfast, then 500 for lunch. I’ve been doing this for about a month or two now on/off.
When I was at my old job (on my feet/busy all day) I didn’t notice feeling hungry at work until ~30min til lunch.
However, at my new job there’s a lot of ‘down time’ and I end up not even feeling full after I finish an entire glass! I drink soylent bc of cost and convenience, but what’s the point if I’m hungry all the time :confused: Is it just because I’m bored at work? Any advice on how to make it more filling?

Maybe drink more Soylent?

1000 calories probably isn’t much for 2 out of three meals.

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You have two options, add protein or fibre, my recommendation would be either Oryzatein brown rice protein or psylium husk powder.

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Using more water helps some people.

Toughing it out for awhile until your stomach shrinks can also help.

Another option : I have found that I am more hungry at certain times of the day and less at others, so I drink two cups when I know I will be particularly hungry and smaller amounts later.


I work in a cubicle job where I am sitting ALL DAY. So I know what it’s like to not be active at work.
To me, it sounds like you are BORED with your job because you are not active, so your brain pays more attention to things not work related.

Get a pair of headphones and an ipod. put on music, listen. If you can’t listen to music at your sit-down job then you will have to occupy your mind with something else so you focus on something besides boredom.


Have an early lunch and a late lunch.
500 Cals is a bit small for a “meal” and with 1.5 being divided up into 4 servings a day, you’ll want to eat dinner/late lunch earlier, maybe around 3pm?
It shouldn’t be that odd to go to the refrigerator and grab a drink around then, most people would be getting coffee, you’d just be getting an early start on dinner.

And follow it up with dinner around 6/7pm.

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There is nothing inherently unfilling about Soylent, I think, it just depends on the quantity you drink — like any other food.

Perhaps you should step up your Soylent consumption? I have to drink two bottles of Soylent to feel full in the morning. I don’t get hungry until 12:30-1. Then I usually just have another bottle. For dinner I eat with my family.

Kind of strange that you’re burning less calories yet you’re more hungry.

I’ve found that’s what I usually do on Soylent — roughly four meals a day, 500ml each. More than 500ml and I feel a bit too full, but I’m usually hungry after about 3 hours.

Obviously everyone’s different.

I also find that Soylent doesn’t satisfy my hunger as much as I’d like. I think protein has a lot to do with it. On the other hand, I find 1.5 a little more filling than 2.0, and I don’t think that protein is a variable between those two formulas.

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If I don’t feel satiated by my meal allotment for the day, I eat a pickle or two. It adds almost no calories.

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Yes I was about to suggest that same thing. Adding more water and throwing in a little fruit like an apple, that will take care of that hunger. That hunger that you feel when your bored, that is just cravings and not that your actually hungry. I have a desk job as well so I know how it is to just sit here with nothing to do but play solitaire on your computer lol.


Recently I’ve been nearly 100% soylent and I also have found 1.5 to be less filling than 1.3; i didn’t eat enough 1.4 to have an opinion on its ‘full factor’.

I think part of it is what i think of the joy factor of eating my favorite foods… sharp cheddar, crackers, carne asada grin

I did spend some time thinking about my habits and recently i’m drinking a ‘bottle’ of soylent in about 1.333 (literally 1d 8h lol) days so I just plain may not be eating enough and so have very recently begun stepping it up. so far it seems to be working better.

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Carne asada! I know how you feel!

I am not consuming soylent name-brand, but am on purchased DIY for 100% most days with some cheat meals a couple days a week (so about 80% for calories). I find the ‘hunger’ issues to be mostly mental. I’m consuming less calories than I need so I can lose weight, so it’s not surprising I might feel hungry. But I find I’m usually not if I stick to my schedule and don’t wait too long between ‘meals’. The drink seems to remove hunger more than it does make me feel full though, and that’s a mental shift I need to make. I am used to very high fat, high sodium, high sugar fast food meals that are way too many calories and induce a food coma feeling of satiation and sometimes regret. This stuff removes my hunger but does not give me that same feeling of a giant, unhealthy meal.

The upside is the sweetness removes my usual late night craving for sweets. Usually after dinner I always seem to want something sweet to finish off the day. Now I find saying no to ice cream pretty easy. Downside is like Dave above, I crave savory foods throughout the day or salty foods. Salty crackers, savory meats. I think there is enough salt in what I’m consuming, but I’m just not tasting it so that’s where the cravings are coming from. I deal with this by still allowing those salty, savory fast food meals a couple times a week. But then, I’m trying to lose weight, so sticking to this and not just eating what I want (like meat or cheese when I want) is more about my diet. For a normal, healthy person, I think snacking on what you REALLY want would go along great with supplementing your diet with soylent.


I basically do this but I think I take too it far, I’ve been wanting to switch to having more Soylent but I just can’t do it. I definitely have more per day ever since 2.0 but I still eat probably 50% of my meals ‘real food’. Problem is I eat more bad stuff now than ever because of the darn cravings. Pizza, mac n’ cheese, burgers, etc.

Ideally I’d like to eat closer to 75% of my meals Soylent but I just don’t think that’s going to happen because I crave unhealthy foods so much.

If you’re craving salty foods you can try adding table salt to Soylent.

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Non iodized, preferably

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I wouldn’t worry. The TUL for iodine in an adult is 1,100 µg and 1/4 tsp of iodized table salt (approximately what I would add to a day’s worth of Soylent) only contains about 71 µg. Even with Soylent’s iodine, that’s not cause for concern.

…average iodine intakes in the United States range from 138 to 353 mcg/day across all age and gender groups.

We don’t know the exact iodine quantity of Soylent 2.0, but I think it is reasonable to conclude it is similar to Soylent 1.4/1.5, which are 200/200.04 µg per 2000 calories. 271 µg/day is reasonably safe and within the average intake range. To reach potentially dangerous levels of iodine, you’d have to add about a tablespoon of iodized salt to your Soylent daily, which I imagine would make it unpalatable.

Between (iodized) table salt, (non-iodized) kosher salt, and (non-iodized) grey sea salt, the table salt dissolved most easily. That’s all I had on hand to try; pickling salt (which is never iodized) would probably dissolve better than table salt. They all worked, but I had to shake the kosher and sea salt more aggressively and for longer or I’d get a nice dose of briny Soylent at the end of the bottle. Whatever salt you add, be sure to adjust your volume measurements appropriately for flake/grain size (or better yet weigh it). Or if you’re me, pinch some between your fingers and hope for the best. :grin:


Thanks that’s extremely helpful. I think iodized is all I had (or could find without digging) in my pantry. I had been adding to my first couple pitchers, and just started adding a little again (maybe 1/4 tbs to a pitcher). It probably has almost no effect and isn’t really ‘needed’ but I felt like my first couple pitchers tasted better (anecdotally) so am including it again with a little more cocoa powder which I sometimes add and sometimes don’t.

Anyways, this is really good info.

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