Soylent now accepts Bitcoin


We now accept bitcoin for Soylent preorders!


Quite a markup… certainly not using mtgox’s weighted avg.


I just paid with bitcoin and clicked “confirm payment” on the coinbase iframe and nothing is happening. Where do I go from here? I’ve sent bitcoins but received no confirmation of any kind. Is there someone I can talk to about manually processing this order? I have a screenshot of the iframe as it was when I paid and the transaction id.


@siclik did you receive a confirmation email? I got another report earlier that the same thing happened, but that a confirmation email was sent and it was just a callback issue on the site.


Hi! I have not received one yet - I’ll be a bit more patient and wait a full hour for 6 confirmations - perhaps that’s the issue. Will update in a few hours with the result. Thanks!


Received an automated email stating order had been confirmed, followed by a personal email from Soylent support confirming that. I think the back-end order processing for bitcoins is working fine - this was just a display issue.