Soylent - Now Fulfilled By Amazon


Seriously, look at who it is fulfilled by.


Heads up


" There are no reseller programs and no controls on resellers. (Edit: Rosa Labs does not sell via Amazon. Therefore this is not the right forum for this question…"

Wait… what?


Leave it to Detroit.


Yea people are buying Soylent and reselling it on Amazon. I posted a similar ad and thread a few weeks ago.


Yeah I saw that a few weeks ago… looked at price and concluded that this wasn’t the official Soylent team. But simply some guy who was reselling it.


incidentally, ever tried to sell foodstuff on Amazon? it’s crazy hard.


This is how I got mine. It was a xmas gift.


It’s obviously not sold by Rosa Labs… the point was not that, but that someone has somehow managed to stock inventory in an Amazon warehouse for fulfillment.

Oh how I wish that each lot and/or unit could be tracked back to its original intended customer so that we could put a cork in these scalpers.


Well, somebody can think that it’s unfair or illegal.

I think that smart guys are simply filling the gap that Rosa Labs left, by not allowing people to try Soylent.
Minimum “try it” option from Rosa Labs is $85 and some time to wait. There is obviously a gap for people that really want to try and it was pointed numerous times. Part of population can order ~$100 of food believing only text description, but other part cannot order $100 until they understand if it’s for them.

Those people have legal option to buy from third party on Ebay/Amazon (paying premium of <= $20) and try it.

For me it’s like purchasing the Magic Mouse ® without chance to try it. I know that it’s not for everyone. I WANT to try it first, before giving $69 to Apple. If there is totally no way to check out the product in live before purchase - I will be happy even to pay $10 premium (of $20 pre-payment for future purchase) just to see if it’s really for me. There is a demand for a “try kit”!

… and somebody else is monetizing on this demand instead of Rosa Labs.


I have been waiting since September to try it and the last time I looked they had posted on the FAQ that it was 2 to 3 months for fulfillment so if Amazon had been an option at the time I likely would have paid the extra $20 to try it there. I am at 5 months waiting now so it may be worth cancelling to try it from there. If I like it I will be happy to but it a month or two or three at a time but not until I know it is for me.
Oh and this could also be some fake company trying to profit form the name and have nothing but Oatmeal in the bag. You never know.


As someone who has tried Soylent 1.3, I can promise you that it smells, looks and tastes nothing like Oatmeal. Not even like finely ground oatmeal.


I agree.

Some people, myself included, just want to taste the
product before commiting to a large purchase.

Obviously, they are fulfilling a need.

If I had had an option to buy a single day
pack, I would have done so.


Here’s why I dislike resellers.

Let’s assume that there are 10 people in the world that want to consume Soylent. These 10 people want to consume 1 month worth every month. Soylent is only able to produce 10 months worth of Soylent per month - why produce more than is demanded? They can’t make 10 months worth when they first start, so they have a waiting list. The first person to order receives their initial order and Soylent tells them that if they reorder they will get put in front of the rest of the waiting list that have not received. Person 1 thinks to themselves this is awesome and places an order for the full 10 months of Soylent every month buying all available Soylent in order to sell to the 9 people in the waiting list at 300% markups. Person 1 makes tons of profit. 2 through 10 pay 300% as much for Soylent, even though none of that additional profit goes to Soylent themselves, but rather to person 1.

The only way to break the cycle is for Soylent to produce too much Soylent - more than is consumed - in order to get people moved from waiting list and buying from them directly instead of through that one asshole who bought all 10 months produced each month.


Do you really believe that resell market will ever be even 1% of official market by volume? Until gray market will be reaching some real numbers - there is no worry about. Of course taking into account temporarily limited supply.

Check how much time single guy is bothering with Soylent on eBay. I doubt he have more than 2 month worth (otherwise it will be too obvious and too easy to spot somebody who orders 280 bags every month) and still it’s there for weeks.

These type of resellers are filling the gap. With all that concerns about growth of gray market - so many people are happy because they can try. As soon as RL will have 1 day option for $20 (delivered in 1 week) - gray market will be severely decreased.
Why RL doesn’t have this option? My guess it to limit demand, until supply will be flexible enough. We don’t want to have 12-24 months waiting time for first orders.


Honestly, if I do end up getting Lent On The Regs, I’ll probably end up selling some of it on eBay, simply because there’s no 3-week supply subscription option. 4 would be too much, I would never subsist solely on it, and selling one week’s worth a month would also help recoup some of the cost, as well as, quite honestly, helping those who might just want to try a week of it now instead of waiting 5 months.

I know it’s a kinda crappy thing to do, but that’s the way she goes.


The problem with this particular reseller is that they’re actually selling under the name “Rosa Labs”, which is fraud.


I see:

Sold by Detroit Packing Co. and Fulfilled by Amazon.

If you mean the “by Rosa Labs” thing on the top, that’s just the manufacturer of the product, like “by Sony” or “by Kraft”.


Oooh, I didn’t know about that distinction.


Let’s say I do order 280 bags every month. Is that allowed? (I think yes?)

If that’s permitted, then who cares if they can be spotted or not. As far as I know there is no limit.


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