Soylent now unavailable in Canada


I’ve only used one- In Out Parcel in Point Roberts. It’s $3.75 (box containing 2 Soylent boxes) or $10 (box containing 4).


Considering the amount of Soylent I typically order at a time, this would get pretty prohibitive…


That only adds 5% per box but if that’s prohibitive for you, okay. What is far more expensive for me personally is the cost of renting a car, and the value of my time. That basically wipes out my Saturday.


C, is there anyway of having a meter graphic showing where in production the new formula is currently at?

Waking hungry in the mornings and thinking everything is cool because Soylent powder doesn’t take that long to mix kind of sucks right now. :us::canada:


Here is a meter graphic:

.working on it…> still working on it…> ready!

V = “where in production the new formula is currently at”

Hope this helps! :smiley:


@peer, have you had any trouble with Canada Customs bringing it across the border? Any idea how much you could bring across at a time without incurring import duties and taxes?


No trouble. The first time was 5 boxes, worth $200 CAD. The second time was only 2 boxes but I also had some stuff from Amazon Subscribe&Save, total value about $275 CAD.

My understanding is that they normally wave you through if the value is less than about $250 CAD. If you do have to go in, you should just be charged tax, no duty, since it’s food.

On the first trip the guard did ask how long the 5 boxes would last me, and I said about a month. It’s possible they could flag it under GUI-0084 if it’s more than a 90-day supply.

If you’ve never done this before, it’s good to know that you should have all packages open and visible, and all shipping slips and receipts in hand. Since Soylent doesn’t include the latter in the box, you either want to print those out or have them on your phone. Then give your declaration in CAD.


Very useful, thanks!


From the reddit AMA ~an hour ago with RR and the new CEO dude:

[–]sonic_molson [score hidden] an hour ago

  1. Updates on Canada?

[–]SoylentCEOVerified[S] [score hidden] an hour ago*

  1. We have made really good progress - working on getting a TMAL authorization from the CFIA to re-launch in Canada is a top priority for the team. Unfortunately, the process is quite involved and time-consuming so we don’t have a date as of yet but we will keep everyone posted. - Bryan


Completely missed that, thanks for posting. Maybe October is a possibility then after all…


How’s it lookin’?..(20 character workaround…)


Still working on an alternative formulation and legal exemptions to the rule. Sorry, it is painfully slow :frowning:


Some news regarding Canada’s food labeling policies that you all might find interesting:


What’s funny is the amount of fast food companies in the area I live. If this does happen that will be a lot of new labels.


My daughter has used this for several years. Her last order (last summer) we had shipped to a US dropbox address in Niagara Falls (no monthly fees, about $5 US per shipment) then drove down to pick it up and bring it across the border. Other than the fact we didn’t have all the paperwork the border security agreed that even though it is banned for sale in Canada because of regulatory requirements it is not banned for personal consumption. We bought a 6-month supply (liquid) across which is her usual order. BTW I used a VPN with a US based IP address to make the order because their site didn’t allow ordering from a Canadian identified IP address.


Tempted to say something to @Conor that might only elicit a “don’t make me turn this car around”.


Are we there yet? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Come on man, at least wait until your own pretty arbitrary and irrationally optimistic deadline of October before you continue spamming @Conor please :smiley:


Appreciate the insight and thank you for that advice. The “are we there yet” was a slight tongue in cheek hence the dont make me turn this car around.

I know full well that both @Conor and Soylent crew are attempting to fix this situation brought about by our government alone because I’ve attempted to stay caught up with every update/info Conor has posted.

Maybe call it a lack of an actual officially updated response by the company or the updates of the push into 7/11 and now Walmart (one just down the street)…frustration is high after adjusting to an almost 100% life style on Soylent for close to three years.

Yes this is something out of company hands and they obviously will keep pushing to expand but these are the things that have one wondering where does Canada sit on that list of priorities now.


It’s a case of efficiency, right now the entire legal team and 2 food scientists are working on Canada, because its mostly a certification and government process is issue. Our other parts will keep chugging. Even had we not been banned in Canada it would of be extremely unlikely that any of our retail partners did a Canada test as part of their US test. They most likely would of wanted a good year of sales before event looking at testing in another country.

The updates are literally “Waiting for CFIA counter response and review”.

I know it sucks, it’s not fun for me too seeing so many Canadian users who put our product firmly in their lives now struggling to fill the void.