Soylent now unavailable in Canada


Do you have a Canadian Lobbying or “Government Relations” firm working on it?


Yes. We have a variety of parties working. But the exemption is a straight forward process involving extensive review. External parties neither speed it up nor slow it down.


Don’t sweat it Conor. You guys are doing good work, and it will be worth the wait. Thank you for taking this seriously, all your Canadian fans appreciate it, and are rooting for you!

In the meantime, I’ll be eating a lot of microwaved rice and bean meals and drinking a lot of soy milk. Cheap, healthy, super fast prep, and the closest I’ve felt to how I felt while on Soylent since I stopped being able to get it :slight_smile:


“Rice and bean meals” sounds boring, but “Gallo pinto” is a wonderful dish that I’ve had in Costa Rica. Rice and beans done in a way that results in the tastiest thing that I ate there. Anyway, I agree totally, all we can do here in Canada is to be supportive of the Soylent people as they work feverishly to get Soylent available here once again.


I’m wondering that if an entirely new powder product is eventually released in Canada, will I still get my old subscription price?


That would be a lot of work for Soylent to make a new formula just so it could be sold in one country, but who knows? It sucks that Canada won’t let in the miracle of Soylent :frowning: Canada secretly wants their people to suffer be depriving them of soylent :frowning: Soylent is one perk of living in America :stuck_out_tongue: lol


Hey Conor, will there be a email sent out when everything is back up?


Huge announcement when we are back in. :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Marijuana infused Soylent bars? :crazy_face:


Hey Conor, what was the announcement?


I think he might have meant that when Soylent is available again in Canada, they will make a big announcement to let people know.



Pretty sure @Conor was just replying to your question:


I decided to smuggle some Cacao powder over, no issues and didnt have to pay any duty. Its not bad, a little on the bland side but very smooth in texture. I like it better than the regular soylent but not nearly as much as the chai, would love a powdered chai version but I doubt that will ever happen.


Just so you know… totally legal to bring it across the border for ‘own use’, just can’t sell it


This is true! But you should make sure to wear a pirate hat when you do :tophat: :cowboy_hat_face: :skull: Sadly no pirate hat emoji :frowning: