Soylent now unavailable in Canada


I have tried Holfood and Biolent. I used to love Biolent but then they changed the formula and now I cant stand it. Holfood tastes really good but has more carbs and less fat than Soylent.


Dear @soylent_team howsit looking for this year? Do we get our Pumpkin spice/ Maple flavor in time for Halloween? You know one of the new words Webster’s dictionary added for 2018 was “hangry”. :pizza::hamburger::fries::birthday::hotdog::doughnut: :rage: :us::fire::canada:


I currently buy these Costco nutrition shakes. But I only drink two or three a day. I typically mix a chocolate and vanilla shake together in one glass, but I may abandon chocolate flavour altogether going forward.


I haven’t liked any of the alternatives, for various reasons. (taste, texture, price, etc.) I’ve gone back to junk food, basically.


@soylent_team Hi guys, any updates? Thanks,


Nothing to report just yet. I promise the community will know as soon as we have something we can share. We’re still working as fast as we can on it.
– John


If you need to grease some hands or off a few people to get it done Im ok with that, joking, kinda.


Thanks John.
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