Soylent now unavailable in Canada


How is it that it’s looking like it’s going to last? Do you have special insight into the steps the @soylent_team
have taken/are taking? Do you know for certain why exactly they had stopped sales here in Canada?

“At the end of the day the regulations were set according scientific research and parameters known at the time”
No one knows the exact results of long term exposure to both CBD and THC. There are many studies stating this in different ways because of the very laws that made it illegal.

“The comparison” is pot was always declared bad for people and yet Soylent can’t be sold here because it’s not up to our bullshit Canadian standards. As someone that had been on Soylent since 2015- it had nothing but positive results!!

And BTW when you use the phrase “at the end of the day” keep it mind it tends to have an aspect of either showing the person is either full of shit or they know a little of what they are taking about…


I appreciate the feedback.

Also, Canadian regulations:
“When a meal replacement is represented as a replacement for all daily meals, the maximum amount of energy from fat is reduced to 30 percent, of which no more than 10 percent may be from saturated fat [B.24.200(2), FDR]. For complete compositional requirements, refer to B.24.200 of the FDR.”

They stopped the sales, because the Canadian Food Agency stated that Soylent did not follow the required regulations to be sold as a meal replacement.

As a relevant statement, here is what a Huel staff members stated on why Huel cannot be sold in CAN:
"Unfortunately, the rules regarding what is considered food is different in Canada to many countries. Whilst in the USA and Europe Huel is categorised as Food, in Canada, we would be categorised as a meal replacement.

This issue with this is that meal replacements have extremely strict requirements to be available to sell in Canada.

For example, the minimum amount of Vitamin D per serving in a meal replacement is 1.25mcg and the maximum is 2.5mcg. Huel contains, 5mcg per serving. So we do not meet the classification of a meal replacement, and thus would not be able to sell in Canada.

This is not the only point where we would be held up, but it is one of the most stark. The Vitamin D content in Huel is what it is because it provides an optimal amount to help people avoid vitamin D deficiency. Lowering this amount would make Huel an inferior product.

We are exploring different options to try and allow Huel to be sold in Canada, but these take a significant amount of time, and potentially product re-formulations. Concurrently, we are always reviewing our formula and trying to optimise Huel. Any change would reset the process.

It’s as frustrating for us as it is for you. It makes no logical sense to us that Huel can be made in Canada, but not sold. Or that massively unhealthy fast food is fine, but Huel isn’t. But we can only work with the legislation that is there."

As you can see, being labelled as meal replacement limits the options in the formulation and makes the products adhere to much stricter rules. Rules that Soylent “breaks”.

He also remarks the difficulties of having to reformulate and create a new product for Canada only.

If Soylent’s case is similar to Huel’s, and I believe the facts state it is, you might make the assumption that they are facing alike difficulties.

I would recommend you searching reddit for the same query (soylent cananda) and you will get responses from people that are more involved (have more knowledge about it). Some even inquired the Canadian government directly and there is a PDF document with the response.

The obvious answer to this is that I do not. I hope I am wrong in my assessments of the facts, and that Soylent will be back available soon. I have stated the facts that make me believe this will not be the case here. Hopefully I will be proven wrong, because that will mean many will have the chance to enjoy Soylent again.

People like you that have been able to enjoy the benefits of Soylent.

Perhaps, my comparison evaluation of the comparison was out of order. I have relatives with Cerebral Palsy that benefit from medical issued marihuana (“stops” spasms). I have had family that needed morphine after an accident to reduce pain. Medical application of these drugs when controlled and administered in a regulated way usually outweigh the “negative” effects/side effects. These medical drugs (like many other pharmaceuticals) are not widely available and cannot be bought in the supermarket or online.

That is why I felt that it was comparing pears to apples. I did not mean that I agree Soylent should be banned, but it is just a different product all together; thus I thought the comparison was lacking. Now if you compared it to other extremely unhealthy foods and wonder why those are legal and Soylent is not; I would not argue with you.

All in all, I agree that Soylent being banned is comical and ironic in many aspects.


:frowning: Just finished my stockpile of Soylent powder :frowning:


I feel for you, friend.

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