Soylent now unavailable in Canada


What will happen with our sub prices when a solution is found?


If the only solution is reformulation, well, it ain’t gonna happen. At least, not for like a year or so, if at all. I doubt us Canuckistanians are that big of a market share.


I hear you, but reformulation would be a no-go not only for RF but also for many customers I suspect, if that means for example, reducing the fat content.

And I don’t completely understand the classification issue. If Soylent is categorized by the CFIA as a “meal replacement” but doesn’t meet the requirements for one, then WTF is it? A meal replacement that is not actually a “meal replacement”?


I wouldn’t be so sure about that


I think that now’s the time to give/sell the Soylent franchise to a Canadian firm, then let them change Soylent as required.


Sorry, I understood this had to do with them not feeling that Syolent was complete nutrition? Am I wrong?


You are sort of right. As I understand it, they felt that Soylent was slightly higher in fat than a meal replacement should be. As someone pointed out above, this seems to reflect an outdated anti-fat point of view that doesn’t accord with what most nutritionists think these days.


I have diabetes and a nutritionist tried to take me off Soylent because it has too much fat and put me on Ensure which is full of sugar. Go figure.


If there are enough Canadian customers, Soylent could let customers add the fat, similar to what customers were doing with the old oil bottles.

All one would need is a bottle of canola oil.

Also, doing a quick internet search, it seems there isn’t any consensus on whether a high percentage of fat is healthy. I think Soylent got it right, but a lot of websites still recommend a lower fat percentage.


Because Soylent is being a little guarded about exactly what the problem is (yes I’ve read the assumption it’s fat content, but for some reason no one is saying it from ‘official’ sources), CFIA sent me this,_c._870/FullText.html#h-129


From what I can tell, Soylent is 10% over the fat limit but well below the protein limit. Though over the minimum protein of course. Without increasing yuky carbs, they could increase the protein. However, this might increase price perhaps? Is soy protein more expensive than canola oil??? As a person who has issues with fat absorption, I would be into this idea. As of right now, I can’t do 100% soylent because that much fat does mess up my stomach. I suspect it’s what causes a small amount of the population to have issues with diarrhea etc. I think of myself as the canary in the coalmine as I have crohn’s and have had a large section of my intestines removed surgically. Specifically the section that is (partly?) responsible for fat absorption. I have to take pills to bind with fat so it passes through me without issue. Basically I have the most delicate digestive system on the planet, which is what got me into meal replacements in the first place. No dairy, no gluten, not too much fat, not too much sugar, must have lots of probiotics… all the stuff that (I believe) is good for most people turned up to 11! Would you guys prefer the 10% to be replaced with carbs or protein??? With the popularity of keto, I’m sure people are divided.


My preference for I’m sure obvious reasons for me would be protein. In my opinion Soylent already has too many carbs, I sincerely hope more are not added.


So, doing a little digging on how an individual can bring this in (for own use) — need to call the CFIA, and get an import number. You explain to them what you want to bring in, and why, they issue you a reference number, and away you go. (Be sure to tell them it’s a vegan product, the conversation goes much easier). The number I called was 1-800-835-4486. (First person told me that the CFIA doesn’t regulate those things I set them straight, and added my own discussions with the CFIA on the matter, they then transferred me to an import specialist).


For us long standing customers will our sub prices remain intact for when the solution is found?



I bought some of these Kirkland nutritional shakes (chocolate and vanilla) to try a little while ago. The flavour is a bit much for my tastes, and you can see from the nutrition facts that they are much higher in carbs and lower in fat than Soylent. Protein amount is roughly the same, but it’s milk protein.

Mixing these shakes with some prepared Powder takes the edge off the flavour a little; and now they’ll help stretch my Powder supply in light of this regulatory decision.


We are working on this, but it will take a considerable amount of time to develop what amounts to an entirely new product.


So, no chance they’ll allow it as is then? Been working on ways of getting it over the border for ‘own use’. Wondering: can an individual pick it up from the warehouse? (CFIA says if an individual brings it over, it’s exempt from compositional requirements… thinking I could pick up 6 months supply of powder at a time, might make a fun road trip)


Would it be possible to revert back to a previous version during the wait?


No previous versions meet the requirements.