Soylent now unavailable in Canada


Our resident official Soylent communications guru has just made a comment over on Reddit:

We are working on setting up an update schedule so Canadians do not remain in the dark. I can’t promise every update will be full of major substance.

(feel free to nuke/trump this post with your own official one, Conor)


True story, we are working on this, but as you know its us so were already slow, add in a govt. agency, we are syrup!


Grade A Maple Syrup slow, thanks to our government. I understand, mate.

I’ve had fast food for lunch 3 times this week so far; gotta stretch out my Soylent… :worried:


I have never heard such a classification.

Bulgaria, Turkey and NZ have a similar issue, although, you can declare it as a food with scary extra labelling (high GMO content) in Bulgaria and Turkey. You cannot do that in NZ and Canada.


Fast Food meal replacement? No that would be a new but accurate label as some people have the only option of Soylent or fast food due to outside circumstance.

It’s ironic that fast food establishments can be so plentiful here but it is the labelling holding up a healthier life style choice.


Full meal replacement should have the form factor of bread with nutritional ingredients similar to Soylent. And sold where bread is sold.


Has anyone made Soylent bread yet?


There was a DIY recipe for Bread that came from the Soylent formulation. It was very inexpensive. I think the person who made it was Serbian or Croation.


I found it in the DIY archives. It was called Robobread, and I think the creater was Croationsoylent.


Bummer, the link to it seems to be dead. Ah well, from reading the thread it sounded like it was as much work as baking normal break and I just don’t have the interest in doing that. Shame as I do love me some bread.


I found the complete recipe. I am cooking-illiterate, or I would have done it.


Thanks for finding that. Looks kinda unappealing and too much work to me personally… Would be so cool if someone figured out Soylent bread just using the retail powder. But even that would probably require getting a bread machine and that’s just one more thing occupying limited counter space. Why can’t we just have replicators and be done with all this??


If its not allowed to be sold in Canada why did it take so long for this to surface? Seems odd to me and of course absolutely ridiculous. All the shit food thats allowed to be sold here but no to Soylent! I really hope its not because of the fat content and meal replacement classification.


This is killer…having had the bars go away last year at this time…Conor have there been any new developments?

Getting a little nutty for a box of powder! :skull_and_crossbones::canada: :fire: :us:


It’s a top priority for us, we’re looking to send out an update soon.


Thank you sir! Appreciate the update. The deficiency of Soylent goods has been leading to some disturbing dreaming lately. :beer::santa:t4:


Well hopefully we get get you back to dreaming of fields full of white fluffy sheep and rocket ships.


Those would be the ones of a Soylent pioneer but they are a fading without the powdery goodness that 1.8 provides ! Hope it might be soon as the elves have revolted against the big red guy in lack of proper fuel to prepare his shiny new red rocket sleigh.

They’re threatening on eating the children soon!! :exploding_head: :zombie:‍♂️. :mrs_claus:t3: :santa:t4: :us: :canada:


Glad to hear it, because I just tried a sample of Hol Food and it’s like watery brownie batter. (This is not a good thing in my view.)



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