Soylent now unavailable in Canada


Im only the 17th person to sign, lol


I hadn’t heard about soylent until seeing the news that it was recently banned for import into Canada. I’ve been researching the product and it seems I’m the poster boy for soylent. During the week I either skip breakfast or drink a boost. Lunch is McDonald’s or Wendy’s. I’m so sick of burgers. I would totally benefit from substituting those two meals with soylent. I also love the whole concept of vegan sources, low environmental cost food. I would really love to try it. I was thinking that Soylent must be sold in other markets than the US and Canada. Surely those other markets must have slightly different nutritional guidelines and Soylent must have had to work around these guidelines in the past? Maybe one of those reformulations would be suitable? Hopefully they can come up with some solution. Until thenn I’ll have to slowly kill myself with junk food or start cooking my meals for the week every weekend.


Nope, just the US and Canada so far. They’ve been eyeing Europe for what feels like at least a couple years.


Well, that should tell you about our prospects of getting a reformulated soylent in Canada I guess. If they weren’t willing to make up different formulas for European countries then I wonder about the prospects for Canada getting it’s own version. This sucks. I really need a product like this and I like soylents entire approach (vegan, low environmental costs, even their tongue in cheek name).


The company has stated that they are working hard at releasing a product that complies with the Canadian requirements.


Yes, you’re right. I must have been in a bad mood when I wrote that. :slight_smile:




They’ve stated they want to make it cheaper, too, then increased the price for Cananuckistanians.


Yes, so you should probably stick with companies that are always 100 percent reliable and consistent! And maybe you could post a list of those companies while you are at it!


Your life style and food preferences certainly make you the ideal customer for a modern meal replacement product, of which capital-S Soylent was the prototype, but there are now others. Go to CompleteFoods and set “Ships to” your country of residence and have a look.


Well, I found a company that’s started up very close to home. It’s called Tudo and it’s a similar product to soylent. I’m skeptical but I ordered ten meals anyways and I’ll give it a fair go. The only thing I have to compare it against is boost so I’ll let everyone know how It goes. I still think i’ll prefer soylent just because the company has been around for a while and since its market is so large there has to be more money for research into their product. Plus people seem to be pretty happy with it overall. But maybe Tudo will be good. I’m skeptical about the taste of anything with so much brown rice as a Base though.


They’ve changed their formulation since I received a free sample, but I found the taste pleasant. The issue was the texture was pretty gritty. Hopefully you’ll get on well with it.


Well I tried it for the first time this morning. I agree, the taste is fairly pleasant but it is VERY gritty. It reminds me of cookie dough with less sweetness for taste. Texture- it just coats your mouth in grit. I haven’t given it a fair chance yet but I can’t see this one being a long term solution.


You’re right, I’ll just be like you instead and assume that nothing can be improved or held accountable, just brilliant. :slight_smile:


thinking about trying it myself. do you think it is worth it? at least as a short term solution? thanks!


I knew you would eventually see the light!


As a short term solution I’m sure you’d be fine. I find the raspberry flavour much better (strangely it tastes much more like strawberry). It certainly is filling (but not right after you’ve drank it, give it an hour). It’s got the specs most would want as well for nutrients, source of the nutrition, etc. Honestly the grittiness is the worst thing about it- and it is gritty. Not a little gritty. Not seeds in your smoothie gritty. More like leave a coating of grit in your mouth gritty. It’s not horrible but nor is it pleasant.


What if you made a new product for Canada that was called Soylent NOT A MEAL REPLACEMENT (maybe Soylent NAMR for short) which was identical to Soylent except that it isn’t marketed as a meal replacement.

Since this is a brand new product the CFIA would have to let you sell it in the Canada.

Then, using the logic “whatever the CFIA labels us as is final”, remove the NOT A MEAL REPLACEMENT from your tagline and boom, Soylent is back killing it in Canada (or don’t do the last bit, I would happily buy Soylent NAMR with a surcharge for the extra ink required to print the label).


Well, I’ve had 8 meals of Tudo so far. I’ve learned many things. I’ve changed my mind on issues. Here are my experiences.

  1. do NOT put two cups of water in it, otherwise it tastes like water with sand in it. 1 to 1.5 cups max.
  2. I’ve changed my mind. The vanilla is better. It has much less of a sandy texture. It’s almost pleasant.
  3. I think the micromilled flax seed is what causes the grittiness. They scratch your tongue. I’m sure you could use it to sand wood to a fine polish.
    4)I’ve experienced zero gastric issues. Considering that I always had gastric issues prior to consuming this, that says either a lot for Tudo or a lot about my previous diet. You decide. Gas volume is down to about 5% of what it was.
    5). I have no energy crashes. I don’t need to nap at lunch anymore. Energy level is consistent until about 5 pm
  4. I never feel full. I never feel hungry. It’s the zen state of appetite. I like it and I want to experience it forever.
  5. a good shaker cup is required. Mix it, shake it, get into your car and drive for 10 minutes before consuming.
  6. mental clarity seems a little better. Maybe it’s just that I don’t have to figure out what to eat at lunch. Maybe it’s placebo. Maybe it’s the extra 250 calories I’m ingesting in the morning. I dunno. I just don’t walk around in as much of a fog. I really have to wonder if I was severely lacking some nutrient in my diet before. My joints even feel better. All of this has to be the placebo effect. You should probably ignore #8.

So my conclusions: I think a meal replacement will work for me, but long term consumption of Tudo isn’t going to happen because of the grit. That’s gotta go for Tudo to be successful. I want to try soylent now a lot more. I guess I have to start looking for another brand to try.


Tried Hol food and I like it. So far the best tasting of the food replacements ive tried. Another plus its been the only one that keeps my stomach satisfied for more than an hour. It has a very strong chocolate flavor so it might not be for everybody but im only using it to replace 1 or 2 meals a day and I love chocolate. Price is decent as well so I think I will stick with this for a while.