Soylent now unavailable in Canada


“I can’t believe it’s not Soylent!”


@smeggot hehe. That’s pretty funny. :slight_smile:

Really hoping to try real soylent soon.


I keep checking here, Reddit, and at least once a day for any updates, but nothing yet. :worried::sob:


Conor! Coonooorr! The Elves have gone to the dark side. We’re going to need either a 5’9 brunette fluent in belly dance or an update to that pile on top Antonio Montana’s desk.




We’re working through the process on both ends, with Canadian government and with changing the product. I’m pushing for more updates but the issue is complex and we want to have our ducks in a row before we start the flow of official info.


That’s as likely to work as Trump’s it’s-not-a-muslim travel ban, after he opened his big fat mouth :slight_smile:


I agree, despite the fact that it is consistent with all statements made
both by Soylent and the CFIA up to this point. Sad!


This is Canada - you need to get your geese in a row up here!

And good luck with that!


I just want my happy-brain food again :frowning:


Don’t give up on us :slight_smile: I have 3 boxes left and I am getting the dt shakes already!


I’d be interested in hearing too. I’m expecting to have to wait for at least 6 more months though. New products take time. Govt approval is slow. It’s Christmas so people are winding down for the holidays…


Conor…the elves! They’re hangry. :japanese_ogre::santa:t4::mrs_claus:t3::christmas_tree::exploding_head::plate_with_cutlery::fire:




Hope there is an update soon. The only choice here is fast food which pushes towards an up tick for depression. The idea of a fast until Soylent is available again here keeps coming to mind.

Any news would be appreciated Conor.


Feels like they’re throwing in the towel.


I really feel like nothing is being done. Since the announcement we have had 0 updates via e-mail or via the webpage.

I honestly assume that soylent said that to save face, but in the end just won’t do anything and move on selling to US and the move to EU.


We’re working on it, however some legal approaches we are taking mean we are avoiding disclosing all the details until we get a final say.


Thank you Conor for a bit of hope here.Any chance of an approximate time frame for the final say?


OK, that makes sense. Otherwise it’s been getting more and more worrying.

Also, I had re-heated Taco Bell leftovers for breakfast today. Need that Soylent lovin’ back in my life, ASAP! :cold_sweat:


No timeline unfortunately.