Soylent now unavailable in Canada


Maybe give Holfood a try, its tastes great and definitely alot better for you than taco bell.


I thought it tasted like sand.


Rosa Foods was burned on a few announced time frames when Soylent was first released. As such, they’ve learned to never give out time frames.


It doesn’t sound like there is an easy resolution. I’m guessing months rather than days. Hope I’m wrong for those in Canada.


I can respect that. The bars were lined up for 1st quarter last year.


It’s been months already. The thing that is a little odd is why are all the Soylent drinks and the powder pulled? Was whatever the cause found equally through all product lines?


They are being a bit quiet about the specifics, but seems to do with the fat percentages, which is common across product lines and was set ‘by design’, not by accident.


I haven’t looked into this. Is the % ratio same in powder as it is in the drinks?


Pretty close, although I don’t think exactly.


Hope we might see an update soon. The feeling connected with the situation sucks when news of new products or larger distribution comes around.

“It’s frustrating,” Euser says of the CFIA decision to halt Soylent sales. “I can’t buy a product that I want to buy, that is available elsewhere, that is perfectly safe.”


There will be product launches, we cannot let the Canada stop effect preplanned launches. That being sad we are working on this. Our best product developers are working on remaking the product to conform to Canada’s rules regarding meal supplements. That being said our product development cycle is normally over a year. But we have put Canada into high gear.


Bummer about having to reformulate, but thanks for the clarifying update!


Does this:

mean they are working on a version that will just be available to Canadians or that this new Canadian formulation will be what Americans get also?


Totally agree with the approach. It sucks that we can’t get it here, but it’s a relatively small market. I hope the replacement product when it finally comes out will be as good as what we had (happy to beta test :wink:), otherwise I might still have to travel to the US to get it.

(Edit to add — Connor can you confirm deny that it is actually the fat content that’s the primary issue? Never seen anything official)


Thank you C, the lifestyle change is pitfall but knowing things are being handled with an urgency gives hope to this being temporary. Again, appreciate the info.


Conor, does this mean Soylent likely won’t be available in Canada again until 2019? I know you guys only found out in what, Q4 of 2017, and probably didn’t start planning the reformulation until December 2017. So a year+ makes it sound like we’re SOL until 2019, right? :frowning:


Any rules for a region will produce a product only available for said region. Opening it up for people to pick and choose will cause a logistical and marketing nightmare.


Well it might be smaller, but its still important. In terms of marketing dollars when we have our NA ads running we lose out on any potential Canadian customer because of this, which means our marketing on any front is cut short.


The lack of transparency is what is getting to me, or maybe it is the gritty Ambronite. Either way. I expect Soylent to fully explain what happened and I expect them to come up with, and provide details, on fallback plans for any issues like this in the future. Be informative, be prepared.


Seems that a lot of people would be interested in a lower fat Soylent. It could be marketed as high energy or complex carb alternative.