Soylent now unavailable in Canada


We got reclassified from food to meal replacement. In such a classification the product does not meet the very defined and strict rules put forth by the CFIA. We are currently exploring solutions. These range from production reformulations (read new product) to petitions with the government to allow our product to stay as is. Ultimately any route we take will require significant time, product development is slow, and government petitioning is slow.


Not to say we are not interested in what people want, we want to focus on our core product value as much as possible. While a Canadian version would be very different from the American we are not going to cross promote in the US market.


If you’re looking for public support for petitioning the government, make sure you let us know here. (I know there’s been at least one petition posted earlier in this thread, but if there’s anything more ‘official’, don’t forget we are here)


Can you explain what the specific CFIA rules are and where you are not meeting them, using exact quantities? Explaining this in detail could get more Canadians to contact the CFIA with their concerns as citizens. All this seems a bit hush hush when it in fact this government red tape should be put on blast and signal boosted so every Canadian can learn what their government is doing/requesting and then question the government.

Does this not make sense?


Here’s the requirements from earlier in this thread:
If you go to the quoted post, there are some links.

Also, here’s a link with more info:,_c._870/FullText.html#h-129


Tudo tastes like sand. Hol Foods tastes like chocolate cake batter. Tudo is filling. Hol Foods is not. Mixing the two 50:50 might provide a more palatable meal.


I would love to see soylent come out with a version thats 40-30-30, typically called the zone diet. 40% carbs, 30% proteins and 30% fats. It would also be allowed to be sold in Canada!!


So, is this a user trying to figure it out? Or is this Soylent officially stating the issues?


Suggestion: Introduce bread form factor. Bread needs less fat to be stable.


Soylent won’t officially state the specifics. Everything has been user speculation. Probably correct, but not official.


The most official explanation I’ve seen is a few posts up from Connor.


So they talk about updates soon, as far back as November. It’s now Jan 19th, 3 months later from “soon” and zero actual updates. FAQ is exactly the same etc.

Really feels like they are trying to string people along to not lose there business to other companies. However aren’t actually giving us any information.

kinda like that girl that not going to go out with you, but keeps you hanging around because she wants a fallback/likes the attention.

Sadly i don’t have another option to go too because wife hates the powder and how it makes a mess everywhere and makes thing “grimy” so i’m stuck waiting for a premix.


Just curious, what would an ‘actual update’ look like to you and how would it differ from the info periodically provided by @Conor?

I don’t see how there would be a quick fix to this issue, I’m actually kinda surprised Soylent is even doing anything about it. Potentially antiquated sexism aside, I would have agreed with you about the whole stringing along thing but @Conor’s latest updates reiterated that they are apparently actually working on a reformulation just for Canucks (which again, I’m surprised they are even bothering with this).


Pretty sure they don’t want to say anything definitive, as they’ve been burned by that in the past. They have said (1) requires developing a new product if they are going to be compliant with CFIA rules (2) normal release cycle is about 1 year (3) they are trying to fast track things for the Canadian market as best they can.


Im surprised as well there doing anything for Canada considering were a small market. With all these new powder flavors coming out I need to renew my passport so I can try them out.


Have there been some stats on Soylent distribution in Canada released? How do you know the market size for Canada?


You under estimate Canada. Lets use our Gaming marketing for an example. Its been great for us, but the percentage of gamers who purchase is higher in Canada, so we lose out on our games marketing by not being in Canada. Not being in a region has a bigger impact then loss of sales, but also loss of marketing value.


No, just speculation based off of population.


Glad you posted it, @Conor 's reply shed a little more light & gave little more hope. :+1: :us: :canada:


Them same guys responsible for 2.0, Coffiest and EVERY powder version are working only on this issue.