Soylent now unavailable in Canada


Wow. Like other Canadians here I’m amazed that we’re getting so much attention – and grateful. And perhaps this work will help get Soylent into other countries, as I imagine that it’s not only in Canada where the health establishment isn’t going to move away from “fat is bad for you” anytime soon.


Although there are lots of similar products out there, Soylent is the only one that ships in bottled packages. Still have a few bags of powder left but too lazy to use them, lol…


I really wish we could get some update.
“the we are important” and “we are working on it but it’s complicated” (i no doubt it’s complicated). just seems like false hope. the example about gaming market is great, however without official update all we can do is hope they are not lying to us. To try and keep there customer base.


Yeah, this is probably a perfect case study for them; it’s not like regulations are homogeneous across the globe. Just wish we didn’t end up being the guinea pigs!


I’m wondering if the new 1.9 formula is compatible with Canadian requirements? Any news on that?


I would be surprised if it was. They aren’t likely to change the US formulation to make it obey Canadian law. They are probably just making a special version for Canada.


It will not be politically correct.


From what I’ve been seeing it looks like the canadian version will be separate from the full formula. If 1.9 had been though it would be a welcome surprise.


Though the rest of us don’t really want our fat levels adjusted for outdated nutrition science.


Hello, Canada here. We are so thirsty!


Sadly if that is the route we must take the product will be very different.


Wow will the changes be that extensive for the canadian version? So we are possibly talking both complete change in taste and texture?

I can’t get past how someone wants to tell us what we can have here when we’ve already had it for years and changed our lifestyles for the better by making it part of our daily schedule.
Dear Canadian government thanks for forced push back on to fast food. :hamburger::fries::pizza: :-1::us::canada:


What ever the min changes are to make the product comply, but it means sacrificing a lot of principles we base our product ideation around.


Why not just not call it a complete meal replacement in Canada wouldn’t that skip the rules?


Doesn’t work that way. If the government does not classify you as a food anymore changes in marketing will not reverse that.


wow your not classified as food. i thought issue was being a full meal replacement vs say a supplement/partial meal replacement.


urrrgh running extremely low… and got no other alternatives… really hoping you guys come through soon.


Just so long as the taste will better than 1.4 and will mean shedding the weight again all will be good again. So glad to read “min changes” as anything more than that brings up the thought of total change in taste and texture.


As a work around, any chance of distribution point close to the border? (It’s totally legal for individuals to bring it across the border…)


There are lots of parcel receiving services just over the border.


How expensive do they run?