Soylent Oatmeal Cookies


Made some oatmeal cookies today, first time I’ve ever baked anything. They tasted really good but turned out more like bread than cookie, I think its butter, shortening or oil which gives cookies that crumbly texture. My recipe is a little high in salt due to the baking soda and also a little high in manganese due to all the oats.

Heres the recipe I designed, keep in mind I know nothing about baking.

Just curious about what you guys think. I know baking causes some nutrient losses but they taste so good compared to the liquid soylent I made. Also if others who have baked soylent could post there recipes here I would love to try them.



One thing I remember from Good Eats, whole eggs are drying agents, which tend to make them crumbly, and sugar, especially brown sugar, being hygroscopic (pulls in water) tends to keep them moister. These are the three recipes he did in one show. Thin and crispy, puffy cake-like, and chewy. Chewy vs puffy, chewy had one egg and one yolk, and puffy had two full eggs, and the puffy used a cup of butter flavored shortening, where the chewy used two sticks of butter. These are for chocolate chip cookies, but you should be able to figure out how to fiddle your recipe from there.

Wish the site broke out sugar… would love some oatmeal cookies I could eat. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s going ‘holy crap!’ about your manganese (513% of the RDA) and sodium (192%), though.


I’ve done peanut butter cookies with the beta Soylent. Substituting 1/2 cup peanut butter for any oil or shortening. Gone through 3 or 4 trials. The last batch was by far the best. I included 1/4 cup of brown sugar and 1/4 cup of all purpose flour. I did find it necessary to cut back on the baking soda to 1/4 teaspoon and eliminate any extra salt. If I left them to bake in little balls they were light an fluffy almost cake like. When I flattened them out with a fork (traditional method) they were a little more flaky and more cookie like. I realize this may not work with all the DIY formulas but it will work with the official version.


I love moist chewy oatmeal cookies, I will try adding an extra yolk but I dont want to add any more sugar and butter is definitely out. I read somewhere that unsweetened applesauce is a healthy substitute for the butter so I’m going to take out some flour and add in applesauce. Also going to cut the baking soda back a bit. If I can get it more cookie like than I will try for some peanut butter cookies, if not than I will try to make some banana bread.


Yes the applesauce works. I forgot to mention i used out in the pb cookies. 1/4 cup.


Try substituting avocados for the butter. I have heard it makes the cookies every bit as yummy as butter.


Here is another good reference I have found Sugar Substitutes.

Edited* Heres another Sugar Substitute.


If you reduce the amount of baking soda or substitute baking powder (which is already buffered), you should get less bready cookies. I’m doing my own experimenting with my base and it’s been working out pretty well so far. Sometimes I leave the baking powder out so I can adjust as needed - don’t want a brownie or a pizza to be too fluffy…

As for vitamin losses, as long as you aren’t grinding your pill into the mix, you should be fine. The biggest issue is vitamin C, and it won’t completely break down through cooking, especially if you’re taking care not to overbake.

You might want to consider going with whey concentrate rather than isolate. It isn’t that big of a change, and it may significantly drop your cost per day.

But this looks like a great recipe! I might try this (with xylitol + sucralose) myself with my base ingredients…


Thanks for the input guys. Next batch I’m going to try without flour, less baking powder, less brown sugar, and lots of unsweetened applesauce. I’m using lots of protein powder and it contains sucralose so the cookies are sweet enough. I take my vitamins separate and I only bake the cookies at 350 for 10 min so I should be ok for nutrient loss.


I mostly make liquid soylent as its alot faster than baking but I have my cookies down pretty good now. The unsweetened applesauce made a world of difference, these are actually very yummy cookies.


Try substituting the flour with cricket or meal worm flour. Protein and calcium and iron boost among other things.


I’m kinda new to DIY… are the gram amounts beside the ingredient the amount for the entire day? Do you have any tips on how to bake these? Is this just like making ordinary oatmeal cookies, or do I have to do anything special? Pretty excited to try these out.