Soylent Oatmeal


Make Oatmeal as you usually do. Use 80% the amount of water as usual. Make Soylent as you usually do (unheated). Add Soylent to oatmeal. Add as much as you like. I add the 20% plus much more to immediately cool it down (i.e. substitute any milk with soylent)

This is a heavenly new discovery for me. Soylent is sweet so no sugar required. I’m amazed I didn’t think of it before. Instead to my surprise I woke up to see me girlfriend being innovative this morning with her own breakfast.

I introduced her to Soylent 2 weeks ago… I think we can safely say she has been converted.


Just tried this with mixed 1.8 and plain quick oats. It’s too runny for my tastes. Next time I try it, I’ll just add 22g of powder (100 calories) to a serving of quick oats and just add boiling water.


Update: Just added boiling water to a serving of Quaker Quick Oats (120cal) with 22g (100cal) of 1.8 powder. It’s pretty darn good – and it’s chewable! Could probably add a dash of cinnamon or something or add Powder to a packet of instant flavoured oatmeal instead for variety. I think I’ve found my new breakfast/snack, though I probably should use Minute Oats if I’m just adding boiling water from the kettle.