Soylent oil bottles... version 3!


Behold, the evolution of the Soylent bottle.

Hopefully third tries the charm. Anyone seen leaks from these new bottles?


I tried to knock them over and shake them but couldn’t reach.


It looks like a 5 Hour Energy!


Except it actually gives me energy! :smiley:


When I got my order on Tuesday, the 7 bottles were no longer in the 6? bottle storage area.
I was worried about leakage but none did. 2 of them did have a barley loose cap which I tightened up. No harm no foul


Here’s what I don’t get… they give you a measuring scoop so that you can make your Soylent in 3 even meals, but provide no way to divide the oil. What gives? Put a semi-clear strip on the side with some measurement marks please.


You can also split it with common measuring spoons. A 4 teaspoons is equal to one serving of oil.


CVS has a shot glass just for this purpose.


About time! I have been using repurposed 5-hour energy bottles for my DIY Soylent and for partial batches when traveling. There Is No Substitute.


Sure you can, but a measuring bottle would be even easier and not require dirtying another utensil (and wasting some of the oil that you have to rinse off).


A utilitarian bottle that costs less and is more reliable than an “artsy” bottle. Glad to see they fired the Jony Ive wannabe.