Soylent: Oil Vs No Oil?


I’ve been consuming Soylent since back in August with v1.0 and like most of you, my very first glass that I had been waiting nearly a year to try…was pretty disgusting. It took me about a half hour to choke down about 8-12 oz of it and I thought this was going to be a huge waste of money. Over the months of consuming it and browsing the boards for suggestions, I have grown to enjoy consuming soylent, so much that I went from getting a week supply here and there to ordering two months worth (currently have v1.3)!

I tried all the mixing methods:

  • mixing powder, water and oil, then letting it sit for a few hours (still pretty gross [chalky, chunky, slimy]
  • mixing powder and water, then letting it sit over night, then add the oil and use a blender ball to mix it all together (slightly less gross [still chalky, less chunky, still slimy])
  • doing the above and adding a lot of flavoring (my favorite is Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup) made it a lot more palatable and easier to get down
  • I bought a cheap immersion blender, which just sucked and made it chunky again
  • Finally I tried a blender and that’s what changed everything… At first sip it was almost like a thick milkshake and I actually enjoyed drinking it! It was still slightly chalky/gritty but I could overlook that, it was still kind of slimy though…

Recently I decided to start making my full batches without any oil at all (since I don’t only consume Soylent, I can get my fats from other foods) and boy what a difference in texture it is! No longer does it feel slimy when I’m drinking it, just like a thick/thin chocolate malt shake! The slimyness of Soylent was always very off-putting to me and the oil in general was just a pain. Half the time I would forget to put it in, measuring out enough for one “meal” was always a mess and I would always have more left over when a bag was done than I should.

I was thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if you could order your Soylent without the oil at all so there is no waste of plastic and ingredients, along with a bunch of unneeded bottles laying around? Also, maybe if you wanted the oil, have an option to get the oil in the bottles or maybe get them in gel caps or something that you take along with your Soylent?

In my opinion, there has to be a better way to integrate the fats into your diet because these things don’t mix well, literally.

Has anyone else taken the same approach?


Welllllll you’re not the only one that feels this way, trust me and in fact it looks like we’ve been down a very similar path!

That being said, have you had the chance to try 1.1/2/3? I am still on my 1.0 but will have to order some more for the first time very soon. I would LOVE to do away with the oil.


Yep, I’ve tried every version. What I have now is a month’s supply of 1.3, not really that much of a difference in the overall texture, gas seems to be reduced.


Soylent powder has to be consumed WITH fat otherwise you won’t be absorbing vitamins A,D,E, and K. Those vitamins are soluble in fat not water.

How are you measuring out a portion of oil?


I don’t even notice the oil in Soylent. I forgot to add it one morning, then realized I had an extra bottle. Oops.


Ah, forgot about that :-/ I usually just use a tablespoon.


That happens. :smile:

Assuming 3 meals of equal size a single serving of Soylent’s is 4 teaspoons. A tablespoon is only 3 teaspoons. CVS makes a rather nice graduated shot glass that would make measuring the proper amount much easier.


The main reason I have not ordered is because of the fats and oils. I follow posts and wait for the fat free version. I have chronic pancreatitis and therefor cannot consume any animal products. I do not use any oils at all. I am on a strict diet of rice, beans and fresh pressed juices. Anything else has proven to cause major inflamation of the 1/5th of my pancreas I have left. I will continue to wait until a fat and oil free version has been profusely tested by others before ordering.


The oil is currently packaged separately so you can mix the powder alone. You would be missing the omegas & fats but you could get those from a source more compatible with your condition. All that being said you should consult your physician because of your situation before a change in your diet.


I would be worried if my Soylent is “slimy”. I use the oil provided and I’ve never experienced a “slimy” batch.


Its not the best word and not every batch is like that, but sometimes the oil seems to coagulate while in the fridge and if I drink it immediately it has a very odd texture.


I have never used the oil. I add two tablespoons of organic finely ground flax seed to Soylent. I also use a blender.

Each evening, I pour in a bag of Solyent, add the flax seed, some sweetener, and a few ice cubes, and fill up with water. I put the blender on crush (for the ice cubes) for 30 seconds, then fill it up with water (now that the ice cubes are gone.) I blend for 10 seconds and pour a glass. I put the blender in the fridge, pour a glass the following morning, and again the following afternoon. I like the taste.