Soylent On A Plane!


I’m wondering if anyone has tried using Soylent while traveling internationally. I’m taking a trip to Brazil next month and Soylent seems like it’d be an ideal solution to the problem of eating while traveling (either at the airport, in transition from airport to taxi, or on the plane itself).

The biggest problem I see is the TSA. You won’t be able to bring it premixed (unless you portion it out into a LOT of 3oz bottles) but you ought to be able to bring the supplies to mix it just on the other side of security. I’m wondering if anyone has tried this, and if the obvious problem of likely having to mix things in a McDonalds dining room coupled with a lack of refrigeration made it not worth the hassle.

Has anyone tried this or does anyone have any experience that could be useful in tackling this problem?

Soylent on planes?

I also have this question, though domestic. I’m going on a six-hour flight end of July, only for the weekend. I’d like to have access to Soylent on the plane. I’m assuming I can pack the weekend packets in checked baggage, (I hadn’t planned on checking bags, but I may have to), but what about the flight? Will they allow a bag of powder through security? I have no problems mixing it after I’m through. There’s refrigerated water in the airport shops. But getting the powder through is a concern. Especially since it will not be in original packaging (I can’t make up a full pitcher, but want to carry enough to make 16oz).


Great question. Hopefully, someone will do this soon. I definitely want to be able to pack a week’s worth of Soylent in my carry-on luggage. I don’t want to take the chance that it will get lost (or stolen) in the checked luggage.


Drinking Soylent on a plane is certainly a concern to address. Obviously you can drink it in a house, but there are many other scenarios of concern.

Once we’ve solved this issue, we can move on to drinking Soylent with a mouse, in a box, with a fox… here or there or anywhere! :slight_smile:


It was done this week and it seems to have worked out just fine.

Edit: I’ll be travelling by plane in 1.5 weeks. I’d report my experience if I had my 2 months of Soylent yet! :wink:


Thanks for finding that @j8048188 . I know the Soylent team mentioned that they were able to bring it as a carry-on as well so this makes a trend. @leecauble1 did you try mixing any Soylent up in the airport or did you just have it packed for the destination?

EDIT: Added link


Hi everyone…I just returned from Brazil this morning, so this post caught my attention.

I travel on business about 75% between Houston (home) to mostly Latin America and sometimes Europe. I have been on People Chow since January, and being able to “travel” with it has been one of the major benefits and attractions.

I travel almost exclusively with carry-on only, which means the Soylent and the bottle are always with me. I do, however, only take with me the dry mix. The oil I either source locally, or do without for a few days. Carrying the oil was a hassle, and not worth it for me.

First, let me address the TSA - I’ve been “pulled over” a few times only (less than 10% of the times). Usually, it’s because the screener doesn’t know how to interpret the image of blender bottle’s metal ball on the scan. This is why I keep my bottle in the front pocket of my carry-on, for quick access. I’ve also been stopped, for the same reason, in other countries - but without any major delay or hassle. They see the bottle and ball and we’re done.

In terms of the Soylent mix - I have been asked about it a few times. I tell them that it’s my “Protein Shake”, and normally that’s enough. I have also been stopped for and the mix taken for inspection in the machine they have on hand to look for traces of explosives. Again, it happens very rarely and is very quick.

In terms of quantity - since I always have at least one business/social meal per day, I take 2 meals per day + 1, all packed separately in a zip bag. So for example, I flew down to Brazil this past Monday night, flying back Thur night, so I took with me 7 bags (equals 7 meals).

I have prepared my Soylent on the plane, in the VIP lounge and many other “unconventional” places. But by now, I’m already used to the stares and hardly notice them.

Overall, travelling with Soylent has been VERY easy and almost hassle free. It brought some sanity and peace to my on-the-road-eating and saved me from airplane food, which has been a huge issue for me prior to Soylent.

I highly recommend it.


I can report basically the same.
I have traveled between Boston/San Francisco/Denver with my DIY mix in my carryon bag and had no issues. When traveling I mix up individual meals in smaller ziplock bags and then put them into a larger heavier-duty gallon size ziplock just as a precaution against any bag opening up. And I bring a blender bottle to mix them up in. As for the oil- at home I normally just add it when adding the powder to the water but for trips I add my oil to the powder in the ziplock and just let it soak into the dry mix. This seemed to work just fine.


So maybe I can help with a few things here.

I live in the UK but travel to the Netherlands every week for work. I always bring a few days worth of DIY through security on Monday mornings, no trouble. The first time I did it they searched me - apparently loose powders look like liquids to their scanners. You have to take it out of your bag to show it, like you do with your laptop.


I also have made 4 or 5 trips with 1 gal ziplock bags full of DIY soylent. I’ve been stopped briefly a number of times, I just explain it’s a food replacement due to certain sensitivities, they often will run a swab over it to drug test it and then send me on my way. Total time of delay at security has never been more than a couple of minutes.


No issues with customs in other countries?


I took 2days powder & oil in carryon. I mixed a single serve in the airport at the gate. Got a bottle of water at the newsstand, free ice from Pizza Hut. and put it together in my 24oz contigo. Used 2 scoops Soylent & 2caps of oil with 16oz water and a little ice. Said no thank you to the beverage cart full of empty calories and the $9 cheese&crackers opting instead to enjoy Soylent for the 3 hour flight. I have traveled to Ecuador with beta in bags that had no clear marking it was food. Not even a blink from customs or TSa ever. If you are planning to bring more than 4 bottles of oil you may need to put in checked bags as I know they did frown on exceeding the 1 quart bag of liquids for one of the guys once. Once Matt was asked what it was and he just told security it was food. They waved him on.


My guys here are going to HP Discover the same time. Too bad I can’t send them with Soylent!


I flew to the dominican republic…6 containers of soylent in check in luggage…wrapped up with a note about what it is and all the ingredients…no issues

I brought some thru security for the flight…had it portioned out in a baby formula container (note on what it was ready to go). Security did take it out of my bag…but they just wanted to make sure there wasn’t any liquid.


I literally travel every other week for work (all across the U.S.) so this question has been sitting in the back of my mind. I am excited to hear that Soylent gets through TSA Security. Loaded with a Business Amex card, it’s often hard to make the right food choices (either because of peer pressure or due to limited choices wherever I am). I do have a blender bottle and occasionally replace a meal with Shakeology, but because it only has dessert flavors (like many shakes), I can rarely make myself consume a strawberry or chocolate shake (even if it only has 7 grams of sugar). I am not a big fan of dessert.

It appears from what I’ve read from others Soylent doesn’t taste the best from a blender bottle, but it’s what I’ll be able to get through in the airport. Thanks for the tip about putting the bottle in the front pouch. So far it hasn’t gotten me flagged sitting in my backpack though.


Going through pre-check helps a lot, as you’re much less likely to get “pulled over”. But every once in a while, you’ll get the noob/bored/extra-caffeinated TSA agent :wink:

Even then, it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes, and it’s totally stress-free, because you know what they’re looking for.


Rosa Labs needs Samuel L Jackson to get shakes on a plane.


Have a trip coming up and this thread is exactly what I was looking for. Airport food can be horrendous, so I was hoping the TSA wouldn’t mind the powder. With 1.4 I won’t need oil so this is fantastic.


When mixing on the go at airports I grab a bottle of water and a cup of ice. Put a scoop of Soylent in my contigo cup add ice then water and shake it up. Much better that the questionable premade roast beef sandwich I had on my last trip that cost me $8.


I would not enjoy 1.4 on a plane. I would not enjoy 1.4 on a train. I would not enjoy 1.4 on a boat or with a goat. I would not enjoy 1.4 in a house or with a mouse.