Soylent on ABC News


Soylent on “Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis” (ABC News):

Edit: Here is the story on the ABC News website:

"Affordable" ? Did I miss something?

Is it weird that I found this segment a little overly positive? Not a reaction I would expect from a mainstream source.


True, and I got the same overly positive vibe.

Everyone (that they showed) after the interview who taste tested it seemed to like it. Also, it was interesting that they showed the guy using it as a coffee creamer at the end.


Hmmm, coffee creamer…


@Conor be honest :stuck_out_tongue: how much did you pay ABC News for this interview?


Nothing :smiley: :smile_cat:


Really great to see this publicity, especially the tour of the studio! Some of us 1.5 users haven’t tried 2.0 yet. Maybe its time to throw a bottle into our next 1.5 shipment?


Here is the story on ABC News’ website:


Our communications team is superb :slightly_smiling: