Soylent on ASAP


Those two gay guys finally made a video about it!

The original topic they linked it from.


“It tastes like oatmeal.”

Cool. Also, I’ve never seen these guys before, but I like them. I will watch more of their videos, now!


This is their main channel, as you can see their viewership is HUGE!


They could have shaken the bottle properly.


That was pretty well rounded.


Their main channel has a ton of viewers (myself included). This was pretty good information for ‘non-believers’. Of course, the comments are as bad as usual, but the information presented was well balanced and not just it’s different so it’s bad like you usually see.


nice guys…they really should have used a blender and put it in the fridge for a bit…


What?! The ASAPScience guys are gay? I had no idea! LGBT pride <3


i think they only used 2-3 cups water TOTAL…might be why they made faces when drinking…too thick…could be wrong


Great video! Very happy they still enjoyed Soylent even when using something like 40% of the recommended amount of water.


Mental note, read the instructions thoroughly before mixing my first batch…


You can see that it’s not fully mixed. Ugh. Don’t they watch this stuff before they post?


and even after that…feel free to adjust water content to taste.


Regarding the water content - my understanding is that for a day’s batch, the recommendation is to empty the pouch into the pitcher and essentially fill it up the rest of the way with water. Is that correct?


That was funny. But it does show we need a blender when we shouldn’t.


That is correct. The ASAP guys were reading the instructions (I believe) for the Soylent scoop.


really do not need a blender. You just need to add the water in the correct amount, shake, then add the oil and fill with water to just below the top of the pitcher. give another shake and chillllll.


Yes, that’s correct.

Nope, there shouldn’t be any issues with using the pitcher, provided the right amount of water is used.


Off topic: You didn’t say anything wrong, but this reminds me of a fun and interesting thought experiment: if they were black, would you say “Those two black guys finally made a video about it”?


no blender…the thing they also didnt do…turn the pitcher upside down and shack…the gap between liquid and dry powder will work to break off whatever is stuck to the bottom…the surface of the liquid moving around provides more force for breaking the powder up versus (rightside up) just the forces of wave energy moving around INSIDE the liquid.