Soylent on Fox News (via FB)


No that I take any stock in Fox News, but the comments on FB are hilarious!


Marlene Short yeah it sound like the product they used in the movie soil and green. Soylent.
about a minute ago



“WHAT a zero IQ! Its common sense that one product/food can NOT give all types of nutrition needed! DUMB!”

Methinks the lady doth protest too much…


Almost ALL of the comments are about Soylent Green. I wonder if people think no one has made that joke yet.


“My family and I will NEVER consume that! We will die before that is ingested into our bodies!!!”

You will be sorely missed.


Everyone always thinks they’re really original - have you read Douglas Hofstadter’s essay on superrationality, and in particular the Post Scriptum about how people replied to a certain lottery he set up? (Essentially, a large number of people took an action that would only have made sense if you were the only person to have done it, from which he infers that people vastly underestimate the power of symmetry when making decisions.)


It’s so funny how people get the concept of a protein powder shake as a nutritional supplement, but can’t quite grasp the idea of that same thing being so nutritionally complete that you could just live off it.

I have found that there are a handful of things where everyone thinks they’re an expert … Nutrition is one of the biggest.

That said, I’m finding that for the most part, it’s best to just ignore comments on news sites entirely. Rarely are they worst the aggravation. Now if you want to read them for the entertainment value … :wink:


A few of us here thought the “Soylent Green” jokes would only stir up in the minds of sci-fi fans (geeks). This is a very different audience, but 21 of the 41 comments I looked at were about that film. 11 of them used the name “Soylent Green”. It’s a bigger part of pop culture than I had realized.


Just watched the “newscast” on live tv. They claim it’s made of soy and lentils.


Well, at least we can be happy with the great community we have here. Let the know it alls have their rants, as long as they do it elsewhere.

I never ceases to amaze me how close-minded people can be.

You guys are great!


It IS rather a haven of sanity here when you compare it with Facebook, isn’t it! Another reason why I think stuff like the recent rants and endless GMO threads perhaps need to be dealt with a little more promptly and decisively; they damage the atmosphere here, for very little purpose and no positive return.


Oh man, but those GMO threads are comedic gold. I vote we let them stick around. Gives us an entertainment break after recalculating amino acid profiles and optimum fatty acid rations for the hundredth time.


I know I’m continuing a discussion away from the topic here, but I’d like to point out the following (mis?)quote:

I actually got a little disappointed when the latest GMO thread started up, and then promptly went down hill, as I was hoping to have a more formal discussion on the subject (I am rather curious myself, but it’s hard to wade(?) through the muck in those… discussions).

Perhaps another post on the state of the community is in order? I’m getting the inkling we’ve only just started dealing with a new flood of folk, and it might not be a bad idea to have a meta discussion on courses of [re]action that hopefully include more than ‘beware: thar be trolls ahead’ signs littering the board.


I have been thinking on this topic too. Though it is possible to ignore them, that is not an optimal way to handle uninformed sceptics.
What seems to be the best solutions to me, is to have a twenty four hour delay between account creation and being able to post messages. That way anyone that only creates an account to post one unconstructive comment (like the ones seen on facebook, for example) will have a serious barrier. On the other hand, anyone who seriously wants to add to our community can do so, only not instantly.
There is a lot of information on this forum, and I believe most of the participants will lurk a while before participating actively, because of this. One needs to have an idea of the current state of affairs before anyone can contribute.

This is just an opinion, and I put it forward to help preserve the general air of sanity and open mindedness around here. What do you think? Is the above a way to keep this place as it is now? Is there another, maybe even better, way? Should I start a new topic for this?

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From the people that brought you death panels, Iraqi WMDs and Glenn Beck…

Grizz Brown that’s what obam a is gonna feed us so he can have steak
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Joel Macejak POOR choice of a name !! Has the inventor of this “substance” ever seen the '60’s-'70’s movie that has the word as part of the title ?? Probably NOT.
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Leith Sadler I bet Monsanto is behind this crap
17 hours ago via mobile · Like · 3

Steve Hughes Yep. And it’s good for the soul and the country, too. Made up of ground up and powered Christians by the OBamanation…
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Lewis Brookshaw Haha yea there was a film in the 60s called soylent green i think it was about when people died they made food out of them
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Bethany Obman Schwager What a way for government to be able to control what people consume. You would have no way of knowing what is really in it. Am I the only one who finds this a bit scary?
Yesterday at 6:02pm via mobile · Like · 2

Jane Jordan Remember the movie??? Even LOOKS like human ash.
Yesterday at 7:58pm · Like

Sylvia A Hall I remember does the term euthanasia strike a remembrance chord?
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William Colby Is this what the Obamalites are going to force their subjects to eat?
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My name is Rupert Murdoch, look on my works ye mighty and despair…


I just… I can’t. This is exactly the OPPOSITE of what Soylent achieves. I know EXACTLY what is going into my body, as opposed to before when I just ate anything that wasn’t stapled down or moving too fast.


I love how they always manage to link everything back to Obama, as if he’s some sort of omnipotent force… xD