Soylent on planes?

Has anyone traveled with Soylent? We will be traveling domestically (U.S.) and are worried they might freak out we have bags full of mysterious beige powder.

Experiences? Advice?

I brought two unopened bags with me travelling from PA to Nevada and had no issues. You should be fine :ok_hand:

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If he wakes up in Guantanamo Bay tomorrow, it’s on your hands.


Search is your friend


Been traveling with Soylent in unmarked ziplock bags (beta days) to official Soylent in the familiar black & white pouch. Even international. Never even a glance. But you do have to wait to mix it up after security. Check out the Thread @horsfield linked.

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I have traveled several times with Soylent. When I left it in unopened packages, I had no issue. However, I thought it would be a good idea to pre-measure and put in a plastic baggie. That was when I was pulled aside and questioned. This happened in two cities. It was no big deal, they just took a little tester thing in my bag to ensure it wasn’t anything that be in violation of policy like drugs or explosives. Only added an extra 5 to 10 minutes out of my travel time.

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Probably goes without saying, but when you do this, you can also bring along one empty pouch. Then you can show the TSA agent, and it might clear things up quicker. Similar to bringing an empty prescription bottle, even though you put the pills in a daily dispenser.)

Once they decide to swab for chemicals, they’re gonna do it. I had a sealed container of CVS-brand dextrin fiber powder in my carry-on the other month, which the agent flagged as mysterious-looking on the scan. They pulled it out and there it was, a sealed container of a benign nutritive supplement, but they went ahead and swabbed it because they’d started down that road. Just takes a couple of minutes.

I traveled internationally with 10 bags of soylent. They were in my check-in bag though; not carry-on. If I could get away with you, you should definitely be able to as well.

I recently returned from a couple of business trips, one to Saudia Arabia, and the other (domestically) to Calgary. No issues on either.

The Saudi trip I went through Frankfurt. In Toronto (where I originated) I had an open Soylent bag in my carry-on along with a BlenderBottle and the Expansion Pak’s filled with Soylent. I made sure they were taken out of the bag and they tested the powder. Took 2 seconds, and no further questions asked. In Frankfurt, they just asked me what it was and didn’t test it. On the way home, I had a sealed bag of Soylent in my checked luggage. They X-ray everything in Riyadh (to what effectiveness is up for debate), and they didn’t flag it.

The trip to Calgary was a breeze. They tested it in Toronto and didn’t even bother in Calgary.

If I was able to travel to Saudi Arabia with no issues, I think you’ll be fine pretty much anywhere worldwide.

(Soylent during Ramadan for a non-Muslim FTW, BTW)

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