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Sure, “all publicity is good publicity”, I agree. But it would help the goal of Soylent to reach out to the major media and PopSci is certainly major, @rob should make time to contact them.


After reading the cute FAQ I decided to take a different aproach for my response.

Don’t put words in my mouth. I didn’t said that, YOU said it. That’s your opinion and I found it very egocentric. Learn to response, “mister flagger”. If you don’t have an objective response, please, keep it, it’s not worth it. You’re not contrubuiting in anything else besides creating some innecessary drama. If you want to give your opinion, I invite you to do it with an argument, not with a plain opinion cuz mate, in the real world, that’s really… well… you know ñ_ñ And for the making of my argument, why is more important PopSci than Gawker? I actually read first the Gawker post, it was first in google searches. And it was really, REALLY bad for the brand. It actually directly said to people that it was semen in a bottle and indirectly encourage them to throw it down a toilet and wrote that it was the orginal formula. The girl form PopSci actually was pretty honest. She said that the formula was a DIY from the beginning, she was honest about the taste for HER (becouse I SUPOSSED you understand that things taste different for every person), she didn’t say it was gross or like semen, but eatable and you can get used to it pretty fast. She ate it for a whole week, while the other guy just took a few sips. She put the product from a point of view that it was good for you, but that you won’t necessarily would be jumping of joy from the flavour. So, please, @jatwood with all the respect I can give you, why should we address a well written blog, that was written OBJECTIVELY, instead of a blog that throw your product down the toilet on a equally major blog (despise of you being the cofunder and everything)?


I don’t understand why she would have complained about the taste without doing something about it. I add a little bit of vanilla, mint, or cherry extract to mine to mix it up a bit. I also sometimes add a tsp or two of dark cocoa which also adds a tiny bit of fat (meh). Either way, it helps make it taste more interesting. And this is all stuff most people who cook (not from a box) should have in the kitchen already.


Well @Gabriel_Alejand Rob seems to be pretty enthused about it per the above, so I thought he would want to contact them so they can get the best info directly from the source and not second-hand. That’s all. No need to get angry or be rude to others.


Today I met the person who supplied the author’s soylent, and tried the stuff. (He said it was roughly the same stuff she had.) It’s not bad at all; I think the author was making an overly big fuss.