Soylent on the Ski Slopes


So out last weekend on a ski trip in Canada (without soylent), my friend commented how on some other ski trip she found a lunch stand outside of the main food area (selling expensive ski resort food) offering Gatorade and that was enough of a jolt to keep her going the rest of the day without taking the downtime for a real meal. A sugar spike like that doesn’t work well for me, but that got me thinking… hopefully someday when Soylent is ubiquitous it would be really cool to pay $3-$5 for a single shot meal of Soylent/soylent without all the downtime of a normal ski resort meal (for those of us looking to maximize the on slope ski time given the outrageous cost of lift tickets…) You could purchase and consume in a few minutes without even taking your gear off… I’m sure a $3-$5 single shot gulp and go kind of setup could work in a number of other areas as well. I hope someday Rosa Labs has enough capacity to consider distribution/resellers in an environment like this, it would also greatly enhance exposure to the product and concept.

P.S. on another trip last month I did bring 100%Food on the slopes, mixed it at the upper chalet and was able to keep going… pretty cool.


I think places like Jamba Juice may well start offering Soylent or something similar in the near future. Why not? curiosity buyers alone should sell a lot of drinks.


That would definitely be a great idea! Imagine affordable express Soylent in many places to rival Mc. Donalds. Though I wonder how much money-mongering would still happen with Soylent products at these ski resorts. They’ll probably charge $10+ for a single shot, the extra cost for “convenience fee” :confused:


Well considering that when the two of us go out to eat (and we are CHEEEEAP) we spend between $20 and $35 depending on the place… $10 for a fast complete meal (including beverage!) at a place where time & space is at an extreme premium (a ski resort being a perfect example) doesn’t seem too out of line at all. If I still snowboarded I would totally bring Soylent with me. More time on the slopes = better ROI on the lift ticket!


Where did you go? (kinda curious, as I live near a ski resort - and I have Soylent)


Should have considered that before my trip! I have yet to taste…
We went to Banff… Flew direct LAX to Calgary. On a side note, using a fantastic ski pass called Mountain Collective which supports a climate change awareness campaign (save our winters). For $360 gives two days each at a whole slew of resorts. I hope to justify a trip to Whistler before the season is up.


Don’t say that, they’ll jack it up to $20…or whatever amount is just enough to keep people enticed. :scream:


Ah, very nice. I actually haven’t made it to Banff yet. But I’m not a downhiller - I’m a X-country guy.

Reason I asked in the first place was because I’m close to Big White - I can see the mountain from my driveway. Been voted “best snow in north america” - amazing powder.


They must import their snow from Utah. They have the greatest snow on earth. :wink:


I took my 100%FOOD with me on the ski slopes in Japan last week and a thermos of room temp water to mix on the spot when I was hungry. Worked like a treat.

I always ski wearing a small backpack, so it was no big deal to add another small bottle of 100%FOOD each day. (no Soylent shipping to Asia yet)


Finally got to try true Soylent (1.4) on the ski slopes last weekend and it worked out great! The biggest issue seems to be what container to use… I ended up using a cleaned out 1 pint plastic milk bottle which worked great at the time of consumption but was a pain to get the powder in earlier in the morning. I purchased a different bottle but it didn’t quite fit in the little fanny-pack I use while skiing, but it did provide an intermediate container to measure Soylent into then pour into the cleaned out milk bottle… BTW, I found the cool but not cold freshly mixed Soylent 1.4 to be not at all creamy and in fact a little gritty… But fine with me.