Soylent on UK TV show Food Unwrapped


A TV show in the UK called Food Unwrapped recently aired a segment on Soylent. Here is a link to the segment:

If you watch the video, the first person they interview on the beach is me (Pat Shea). The interview was filmed in November and I’m very grateful that I had the opportunity to participate. :slightly_smiling_face:


Interesting interview. Surprised at the ‘I miss chewing’ comment from the one woman. That’s one bit of concern I’ve seen from some when I tell them about it. Always thought it was kind of weird to think one would ‘miss chewing’. Never really had an attachment to chewing, but some people seem to think it’s important (wonder if it’s really the chewing they miss, or if it’s something else that they can’t quite verbalize)


Not so much the utility of mastication but the pleasure of breaking through different textures and the resulting changes. Like a Parisian macaron with the super thin crust giving way to a spongey puff down to another crunchy crust down to a layer of cream… Or the crumbly crunch of toasted breadcrumbs in a mix ofl pasta and how the creamy filling of the shells bursts out with a bite.

…phew, is it getting hot in here? I think that’s what they’re talking about.


Many thanks for the link, I hadn’t seen it before and like all these documentaries, it was very interesting.