Soylent only party?


I am thinking about organizing Soylent only party for friends?

That means no food, no alcohol, no other drugs. Just Soylent for drink/eat and maybe water.

Do you have any similar experiences?

I hope that this kind of party can stimulate thinking in unconventional ways that can bring up new interesting ideas and discussions.


Sounds more like a picnic than a party. Not that there’s anything wrong with a Soylent picnic.


But at home a picnic can’t be done, so that’s why it’s a party :smile:


When throwing a dinner party, you don’t eat the same food you eat every day…

Order some variety off the marketplace!


Oh yeah, a sampler of all of the prominent DIY’s would be interesting


Soylent cake, Soylent cookies (various types), Soylent brownies, Soylent spread (not sure how you could make Soylent crackers to spread it on tho!)

Having it be truly 100% only Soylent does make it tricky. If it was like 80%-90% Soylent there would be many more possibilities.


I’m making another stab at the cracker this weekend. For more about the last try see the Soylent Super Bowl snacks
And yes you can have a picnic at home. Move the furniture out of the way throw down some blankets and instant picnic. Hopefully without the ants. Did it all the time as a kid.


That’s right here for anyone wondering :slight_smile:

Crackers sound amazing!


Bring a lot of air fresheners.