Soylent or DIY? in Vancouver Canada


Very excited to get the tracking email. My 1 month order should be here in just days!
But with all the delays I took the leap into DIY months ago and have been quite happy with crude food 1.0. So now I am wondering if I want to give up my custom blend for the ease of just buying the premixed official version.

Anyone else who made the switch from DIY to official Soylent care to comment on your experience?

Anyone else in Vancouver BC making their own DIY soylent?

I’ll hopefully report back my experience after I start the Soylent for a bit, but I jumped the gun with this post to ask…
If I am going to get some pre bloodwork done “are there any specific tests I should request that don’t come on a normal bloodwork panel?”

Any comments on my DIY recipe are also welcome since I expect that I will go back to it after trying the official Soylent unless the official stuff just blows me away. Soylent will probably just stay as an emergency backup for when I run out of ingredients or just no time to mix a new batch of my own. In return for a little hassle once a week to make up a new batch I think I am getting 1) cheaper, 2) better tasting, 3) healthier.

  1. is pretty straight forward, I’m sure we all hope Soylent gets cheaper in the long run.
  2. is subjective, and I haven’t tried Soylent yet so maybe I’m wrong.
  3. however is important, and I would love to get feedback from all the experienced posters on these boards. What do you think? am I missing something?

Thanks to everyone on these boards, I have learned so much over the last 6 months from reading here. I especially want to thank @QuidNYC and @Max for all their work on DIY recipes and of course @rob who started all this and gave us all this idea.


To clarify - you’re getting your official Soylent 1 month order? Directly mailed to you, or re-shipped? I thought international orders were quite a ways off still… When did you order? (sorry for the questions, I ordered ages ago & live in your area)


No problem, I feel your pain with the wait.

I ordered back in November, but I put Blaine Washington as the address. (there are businesses there which will let you ship to them and they hold it for a small fee) I just got the email saying it was dropped off by FedEx so now I just have to find the time to drive down over the border during business hours. So might have to wait for the weekend to get it.

Sorry if I got your hopes up, but no international orders going that I know of. Blaine is easy if you like going to the states for the weekend anyway.

Just out of curiosity… Has the long wait given you any thoughts of trying DIY?

There are lots of recipes on the DIY recipes board, including of course the absolute best - mine! :smile:
Once you get over the learning curve it takes less than 30 minutes to make up a week’s worth of meals, and with a small single serving blender it is less than a minute to mix a cup of powder, water, and some frozen fruit.

I haven’t had the problems some are reporting on Soylent with my DIY version, so another reason I am interested to try the official batch.


I just picked up my 1 month order from Blaine today. We should talk tips at some point - are you planning to go 100% as well?

PS: Be sure to bring a bit of US cash when you pick up as they are cash only, and 5$ per box (2 boxes if it’s your first shipment, since the airtight container is separate).

While I waited for my order to ship I’ve done a fair bit of research on why people might experience issues in transition (gas etc.) and feel I am low risk so I am going all-in and transitioning 100% instantly, although I will be adding the 1/4 teaspoon of salt to every batch as I will be combining the transition with a regular exercise routine and want to retain fluids and reduce chance of headaches.

I’m not going to speak more of the research until I am done whatever transition may lie before me (none if my theory is correct… clue - relates to prior detox process), just want to make sure I weigh all the evidence possible before I start a thread about it.


@kcoul, yes… would love to talk tips or experiences and hope to hear how things are going either here or PM if you prefer. Are you starting tomorrow?

It will probably be a couple of days until I get down to pick mine up. I am planning to go 100% with the caveat that I really like my DIY version and experienced no problems other than a slight headache when I was on it 100%. I’m off it right now so my body is back to normal food prior to getting my bloodwork done and to reset prior to starting Soylent. Which is crazy I know, but I like the science experiment nature of all this and going 100% Soylent from DIY wouldn’t be the same as from a normal (bad) diet. So I’m eating worse to prove a point :smile:

Which is to say, if I experience real problems or hate the taste of Soylent then I will drop it and move back to my DIY version. I don’t have any made up right now so laziness will favor the Soylent which is ready to go.

What did you declare at Customs? How much if any duty did they want?

Have you tried DIY yourself?


I soft-started yesterday and have fully started today. My only supplements to the Soylent itself is as much tea as I please, extra water, and the 1/4 tablespoon of salt.

My theory was definitely wrong but could still have some truth to it. After reading about the experiments of others to try and pinpoint the cause of the gas (which I’ve been suffering as well, but am hoping will be only temporary if my theory is at least partially true), I am trying to stay true to my intention of fully transitioning so I can get some more valuable data than I could otherwise. Luckily I am on vacation this week so I can get away with what would otherwise be rather disruptive to my work day!

I find the taste is rather agreeable, neutral enough that I could keep with it long term. I was very honest with customs bringing a month supply over, mentioning my intention was for diet/detox/exercise companion with his only question being “does it work?” I said I didn’t know yet :wink:

No duty charges, and no I am normally a rather busy individual so I did not get into the DIY. I want to support the movement as much as possible though (including DIY) as I know there is a lot of fine tuning yet to be done, but the movement is on the right track towards optimization.


I’ve been on Soylent for almost 3 months for probably about 70% of my meals.

I got it shipped to Point Roberts, duty was 5% GST, that was it. Declared it as a supplement.

I’ve also had 100% Space Nutrients delivered to me straight to Vancouver. Far better than DIY for me (can’t be bothered to buy and mix). Shipping wasn’t too bad and it ended up being quite reasonable. I like to throw it into the mix with Soylent.


Yeah! Soylent is finally here… a way to wordy report.

My friend went across the border Friday to pick it up. After signing for the box another canadian there for mail noticed it was Soylent and knew what that was. Asked if she intended to use it or wanted to sell. We both had a laugh at that. She declared at the border, but they just waved her through no duty.

So Friday night, I filled the pitcher 1/3 full of hot tap water. Then added the powder from one bag and filled the pitcher to 7/8 full with more hot water and shook vigorously for 20 seconds. Then placed in fridge. I used hot water to help dissolve powder (my theory anyway).

Saturday noon. Saw a lot of settling in pitcher, top 1/3 of liquid much lighter than bottom 2/3. Added 1/4 tsp of salt and one bottle of the oil. Shook vigorously for 30 seconds, replaced in fridge. Went to park for short run/walk.

At 2:00 had first food or drink of the day. Drank one glass of the Soylent, roughly 1/4 of the pitcher. My impressions were:

  1. Wow, this is sweeter than I thought it would be. Really sweeter than I want. Agree that it was kind of like cake batter.
  2. Hey, the texture is very good. Maybe a little chalky/grit, but nothing to really bother me. Certainly no problem drinking it. (see DIY note below). No more settling noticeable.

Then drank one glass of water just to get some extra water and to rinse the glass. The Soylent had left a film or residue on the sides of the glass, but no extra sediment at the bottom. I drank the Soylent fairly quickly, 5 minutes or less.

  1. I did feel a very slight headache a little later, but no more than I’ve seen with my DIY recipes before. Also no caffeine yet today.

  2. By 4:30 I was feeling quite hungry and had a foot long subway with chips and a coke. I was not planning to go 100% right away to let my body ease into it.

Compared to my DIY recipe. crude food 1.0
The Soylent was sweeter than my mix if I don’t add the fruit. Did not taste as good as my mix with the fruit added. Texture and grittiness were both better than my DIY without the fruit. Everyone who has tried the people chow versions know what I’m talking about and if you will force yourself to go for a while on the older 2.3 version of people chow then you will love the texture of Soylent. Note: my ‘crude food’ is formulated to have some frozen bananas and berries blended into it to get to the total carbs desired. Once you do this the drink is like a frozen smoothy so you don’t notice the texture of the corn mesa or other ingredients. The taste is also better, but of course you have the step of blending in fruit which would probably help the Soylent as well.
Early on with the DIY I noticed headaches as well for a while. Official Soylent was no worse and maybe better.
I have had no problems with gas or bloating or toxic farts, so far so good on this front. Hope it keeps up.
My DIY version seemed to keep me full longer, one glass would hold me for 5 or 6 hours, even after workouts. I often went with only 2 glasses a day or only 1000 - 1200 cal of my version without feelings of hunger. I am suspecting that Soylent has a much higher GI, but lets not jump to conclusions to quickly. I’ll wait until I’m doing 100% days.

Had my second glass of Soylent late that evening. Nothing new to report.
Friend took a sip, decided it needed fruit or something blended in, but didn’t have time to mess with it then. Said she will try it later in the week sometime.

Sunday: Out most of day eating muggle food. Like chips, candy, coke, cheeseburgers, etc… Got home late at night and had glass of Soylent number 3. Drank in about 3 minutes. About 1/4 of pitcher left. Also drank a glass of water after. After a couple of hours I am reporting:

  1. Taste didn’t seem as sweet as before: Is this because it is now 2 days old? because I ate lots of junk food today? I’m getting use to it? Has anyone else had this experience.
  2. Still got a slight headache after a while. Nothing that requires meds, but noticable.
  3. Still no gas or bloating problems. Obviously I haven’t drank very much compared to everything else I ate, but at least no horrible problems like some reported.
  4. Positive that this was the healthiest thing I ate today.

Will continue to ramp up consumption and if problems stay this light hope to be at 100% by Thursday.
Congrats if anyone made it to the end of this post. :smile:


It doesn’t get less sweet as it sits in the fridge. I think you’re getting accustomed to the taste.

I’ve tried a lot of DIYs, and I have to say they all have kept me feeling full longer–but maybe that’s because I haven’t yet tasted one I liked, so I’ve had to force myself to finish them. I do find Soylent pleasant-tasting.


Well it has been a week, so here are my thoughts for what its worth:

The first 5 days I just drank 2 days worth while eating other food. No problems with gas (knock on wood), initially I would get headaches after drinking, but not bad ones.

Once I got use to the flavor it seemed less sweet and by the end was a very neutral taste that wasn’t bad, but somewhat boring.

The last two days I’ve moved to 100% Soylent and by this point the headaches have faded away and no longer bother me. I generally don’t drink that much at once, about 1/6 of a day at each ‘meal’ followed by a glass of water. I am not finishing a days worth in a day only drinking 3 or 4 glasses. Today after a run was the first time I did two glasses (1/3 of a pitcher) at one sitting. I have had to pee a lot, so obviously a lot more water than I am use to.

It seems like I’ve had a very mild experience compared to some so I should count myself lucky in that regard, however I find myself getting bored of it by the end of day two and thinking about blending in some fruit just for the taste. But once I start bothering with blending and buying fruit and such I’m really not sure how much advantage there is over making my DIY version. My friend wants the rest of my supply anyway so the question I am struggling with is should I reorder more Soylent or just get the DIY ramped back up?

Anyone who has tried both want to answer ‘Soylent or DIY’?

Do you grow accustom to the taste after a while and miss other flavors less?

Thanks for any input.


Thanks @materialsguy for rising a very good question:

But once I start bothering with blending and buying fruit and such I’m really not sure how much advantage there is over making my DIY version. My friend wants the rest of my supply anyway so the question I am struggling with is should I reorder more Soylent or just get the DIY ramped back up?

We faced with the question “how many flavors should we have for 100%FOOD?” and released 21 flavor set for tests. Our conclusion - we’re so different, so we never have a complete set of flavors:)

So as a producer we decided to focus on production of the good nutritionally complete base where you can add flavors according to your taste. It will be the best combination of the benefits of mass production with a customization. (While some most popular flavors like chocolate we will produce as the standard option.)

So if you’re comfortable with Soylent formula as the base - go ahead. If you want another fat/carb/protein ratio or natural ingredients - your own DIY or DIY-soylent marketplace will help you.


I’m in a similar boat. I ordered the official Soylent to a US address, but am still waiting. Meanwhile, I’ve gone the DIY route, and am intending to go more or less 100%, once I work out the kinks.

One of those kinks is gas / bloating. Almost the effect you get from candy or gum with lots of sugar alcohols in it. I’m not sure what the culprit is, but it’s probably one of my primary carb sources (waxy maize and tapioca maltodextrin), or too much fibre content, or possibly I’ve missed a source of magnesium in my calculations and may be getting too much.

Anyway, I’m also unsure whether I’ll even use the official stuff when it arrives. For my body type, the carb content in the official stuff is way too high and the fat too low. I also don’t want to have to mix in the oil separately. That’s why I’m using tapioca maltodextrin (it allows for powderization of olive oil / avocado oil).

Neat to see so many Vancouverites!


My DIY has now progressed to the 1.1 stage and I am happier than ever with it, I can’t see staying with Soylent, there are just to many compromises.

I haven’t had any gas or headache issues, and no problems with sugar spikes causing hunger in a few hours. If you want go ahead and check out Crude Food 1.1 with frozen fruit. It has a 40/40/20 ratio of carbs/fat/protein and tastes like a fruit smoothie.
When I want to go lower carb and have a more neutral taste you can skip the fruit and it is still quite good with a 30/50/20 ratio. Crude Food 1.1

I welcome any comments people might have as to improvements or extra superfoods I might want to add.


For long time storage we use freeze dried berries instead of frozen.
It helps when you take your blend out of home.

You also may try to add freeze dried coffee to your cocoa blend. Hard mornings go away :smile:


Thanks Spaceman for the suggestion. The frozen berries are a big help in getting the mixture cold after blending, but you are right that dried berries would be good for travelling and I could always blend with ice if I have a blender.

I have to admit that I am really bad about staying on my mix when I travel. I usually just revert to muggle food for the duration.
I split my latest version into a fruit and no fruit copies. I am working on training my taste buds to except the plain version for extended use on trips. I don’t mind it for the occasional meal away from the blender, but haven’t gone multiday with it.



I checked out your recipe, it looks good. For my body type, the suggested protein/fat/carb ratios are a bit different, but your ingredient list was great for some ideas. I have a couple questions / comments:

  1. I’m REALLY interested in knowing if you ever got an answer (or know the answer) to your questions about what specific bloodwork tests to get done? If so, any chance you found somewhere in Vancouver to get them done? Ideally, somewhere that doesn’t require a referral, but any leads would be helpful.

  2. I noticed that you’ve gone with Potassium Citrate vs Potassium Gluconate. I know there are discussions on here about potassium sources. I’m just wondering if you have any thoughts on one versus the other. I’m using gluconate currently, but will need to reorder soon.

  3. A comment - I’ve swapped out the Canola and Coconut Oil in my previous recipe for 50% light olive oil and 50% avacado oil. I’m liking the results.

  4. Are you mixing the oil into your powder ahead of time, or at the time of adding water? I’ve found that using 20g of Tapioca Maltodextrin as a carb source allows me to powder the oil right in my mix, and then I don’t have to keep the oil separate until mixing. I can make 7 days worth of powder with the oil in it and then just add water each day. Though there has been some discussion on this point, the conclusion I reached was that adding the oil in advance was not, in itself, enough to start the process of causing the mix to go bad, water would have been required for that. So I think it’s safe to pre-mix the oil, at least for the relatively short period of 7 days.

  5. What are you getting your phosphorus and vitamin k from ? (for some reason, your ingredients aren’t clickable for me, so I can’t tell).


Thanks for checking out the recipe and getting back to me.

  1. Not really, I do have a list of things I would have liked to get checked like vit D, iron, leptin and insulin resistance, etc… but the sad fact is Canada seems to be very against tests to just check levels unless you have an acute illness. To get any bloodwork done you have to have a referral from a doctor. MSP only covers certain things in a screening and vitamin and mineral content is not on the list. If you want something like vit D you have to pay yourself, but even if you are the one paying for it you still need a doctors referral before the blood clinic will run the test.
    Sadly it is probably easier to just go down to the States and cheaper as well. I am very interested in some new portable labs that are coming out. Walgreens is supposed to be getting some that allow in-store testing on micro-drops of blood in the range of 3-5$ a test.

  2. Potassium Citrate is supposed to be the most bio-available form, but to be honest I mostly went that way because both ‘people chow’ and ‘superfood for him’ used this version and they were the main inspirations for my recipe.

  3. My main concern with oils is trying to lower omega 6, which your oils would be good at, and also to help balance the omega 3/omega 6 ratio. Both of your oils have a very bad ratio, so what do you do to supplement omega 3?
    We have tried olive oil in our mix, but did not care for the taste, although this might be from the brand we tried and of course taste is a very individual thing. Avacado oil I have never tried, but it seems like a very healthy oil in general, how is the price?

  4. Yes, we have been mixing the oil into the powder when we make a 1 week batch. We have had no problem with the mixture going bad even after several weeks. However, it does take a while to mix all the clumps out to get a nice even powder and it increases our overall prep time. So our latest experiment is to try out the pre-measured pourers you normally see on alcohol bottles. We have ordered some in that will dispense enough oil for one meal at a time. If they work, we will start just mixing the dry ingredients and then add oil when we add water.
    How do you like the Tapioca flour? How is the taste, texture, and cost? We prefer to have a mix of carb sources, but have been avoiding maltodextrin as the GI seems to be worse than sugar. If you are having good results maybe I should try it.

  5. The recipe should scroll to the right and list each element and where it comes from on the recipe editor tab.
    Phosphorus is roughly half from the oats and the other half from the mesa, rice, and chia seeds.
    The K comes from the mega mens vitamin pill and the vitamin D/k drops we add (see ingredient 13).

If you are in Vancouver perhaps we can meet for a taste test. I would like to try your mixture with the tapioca and avocado oil. I could also bring some Soylent if you haven’t had a chance to taste it yet.

  1. I wish there was a way to simply get a blood sample taken locally, and then ship it to a US lab.

  2. I’ve heard that potassium citrate is fairly strong in taste though, have you found that? Gluconate seems to be essentially tasteless. Although I’ll admit that it irks me to be adding about 15g of it to each day’s mix.

  3. I’m getting 12g of fish and flax oil from capsules - that’s the only thing that hasn’t been mixed into the recipe itself at this stage. So in reality I’m about 12g fish/flax, and the rest avacado/olive oil. To be honest though, I haven’t balanced my Omegas at all yet, so maybe that’s the final task for me. I’d love to bring fix and flax oil into the recipe itself. Based on an endomorph body type, I am targetting 35% protein 25% carb 40% fat. That leaves me, based on a 2000 calorie diet, with room for about 88g of fat. Do you have a rule of thumb you follow for Omage 3/6/9 ratios?

EDIT: Thank you for prompting me to look into this further. My Omega 6 was way too high. I’ve added in Flaxseed oil to counter the high-6 in the Olive and Avacado oil, and I’m not at about 2:1 (omega 3:omega 6). That seems to be a good ratio from what I’ve read so far, although I’m still educating myself on the topic. I’ll also note that the taste of “light” or “extra light” or “mild” olive oil is not noticable in the final mix at all, and I have been putting 35g in each day’s recipe (and I also hate olives and the taste of olive oil in general).

The avacado oil is ridiculously expensive, but there is apparently one small exception. Costco. At Costco, a 1L bottle is supposedly $12. At a Vancouver grocery store, a 250 mlL bottle is $16.

  1. I’m not actually using Tapioco flour, but Tapioca Maltodextrin. I’m not using much either, about 15% of my carb source. It is amazing stuff. Just 25g of it is enough to turn 80g of olive oil into a powder (check this out: So mixed with all of the other powders in my recipe, 15% of my carb source coming from Tapioca Maltodextrin is more than enough to make it trivial to powder 75g worth of oils into the mix (with about 30 seconds of whisking).

I’m also trying to diversify carb sources. I’m using about 25% Waxy Maize, 20% a carb mix from GNC, 10% hemp protein fibre, 15% spelt flour, 15% coconut flour, 15% Tapioca Maltodextrin. Same goes for my protein source. Right now I’m using 3 different wheys, and a green source vegetable protein.

I’m in Vancouver - but I’ve got some refining to do before my mix is public worthy!


Hey ya iv been making my own here in van. I sell it to close friends and what not. But got a bulk order site in the works. If any one interested In hearing more…


Hi @materialsguy, @r_soylent and @SyntacticSugars - since we receive a lot of orders from Canada - may be you offer your blends at Powdered Foods Marketplace?

We recently updated a structure to tailor blends to specific needs (weight loss, sport, anti-stress, etc.) and added attributes (flavor, allergy, etc.) for easy search, have a look: