Soylent or Keto Chow

I’m 29 years old and have slowly been putting on weight, life is moving too fast, I don’t have time between work school and life to make a weeks worth of food like I used to on slow carb. A bit of a background.

I used slow Carb 2 years ago and lost about 40 lbs… Life got hectic again and I slowly started putting weight back on… lately I’ve been eating worse and worse and getting depressed over it and it’s time to make a change, I’m back at my heaviest of 250lbs and have been following soylent for a while, I thought about DIY but that’s just as time consuming as cooking. 2.0 seems like the quickest and I’ve read good things about it. Then I found Keto Fuel, seems like a great product however I was hoping for some advice from others who have tried both, or even 1.6 vs 2.0 They all cost roughly the same, 2.0 is obviously more expensive, I’m just wondering what others have experienced.

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I would go soylent first. See how you do.

If you still need help losing weight, go keto.

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I know keto can be pretty hard, having done slow carb I’m not worried about the difficulty…

Would you recommend 2.0 or 1.6 powder and mix it myself?

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It only takes you 20 minutes to make an entire day’s worth of food?

I use both 1.6 and 2.0. I mix up a bag of 1.6 at a time. I use that about 90% of the time. When life gets hectic (or I’m lazy or forget to mix up the 1.6) then I just grab a bottle of 2.0. I also don’t refrigerate the 2.0 so I don’t even have to worry about making sure there is some in the refrigerator.

There are also times that I’ve felt that I’ve snacked too much during the day and I will have a 2.0 (400 kcal) instead of the 667 kcal I usually drink of 1.6 at a time.

I would suggest starting with Soylent. Order some of 1.6 and 2.0. Some people love both, some people hate both, some people hate one or the other. If life is good then you will like both and can use both to make a happy, healthy and busy life.

buying, measuring, making sure I’ve got the right measurements and then making a month at a time seems like it would take longer than 20 minutes… 1.6 and 2.0 are premade… just mix or open, seems quicker then reinventing the wheel


Thanks for the advice, I’ll order a bit of both and see… I’m thinking flavor, or lack of flavor, won’t bother me much, it can’t be worse than MREs

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From what I’ve seen either one will do. But if you plan to do any strength training or intense cardio, you’re gonna need carbs. No avoiding it, your body craves complex carbs more than anything during an intense work out.

A lot of the carbs in Soylent are slow digesting and it has as much protein as an actual protein bar (15-20mg generally). So it simulates you being more full than you are, so you might find your daily calorie cravings drop even with the sizeable amount of carbs.

Sound similar to the large amount of legumes in Slow Carb… so not much change there. Think I’ll buy some 1.6 some 2.0 and test it for a week or two see how I really like it then go forward from there.

Thanks for all the advice


Mixing a month at once saves a huge amount of time. Say it takes you 2 hours to mix it all (it takes a lot less). That works out to 4 minutes per day for the 30 days.

It’s so quick because once you know your recipe, you just add the ingredients in bulk and then mix to ensure homogeneity. You then just weigh it out day-to-day like any other typical powdered soylent.


Yup, I just mixed a month up, it took about 30 minutes.

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