Soylent order from 05/15/14 has shipped :)


Hey @soylent! Tomorrow marks 22 weeks since I ordered a 1 month subscription of Soylent. I haven’t received a shipping notification e-mail as of 5:38pm eastern time, 10/15/14. I was originally told 10-12 weeks to ship, and then 8-10 weeks were tacked onto that. Making 22 weeks the deadline. I would appreciate some information at this point because I am desperately hoping to avoid food shopping next week. (New job in a new state and money is hella tight)

I know you are incredibly swamped with soylent business and my query makes one more thing to do on the pile, but you have been holding onto $255 dollars of mine for some time so I don’t think this request is unreasonable.
Thanks very much,
a broke Soylent enthusiast

(Edited title to reflect update posted below)


I ordered near the end of april and I just got mine.


It’s not a dream! I got my shipping notification @ 8:26th tonight and apparently it’s in transit and scheduled to arrive tomorrow! Huzzah! Thanks, @soylent


Congrats! I hope to receive mine soon. Maybe you should cover your address though just so people won’t have the ability to stalk you haha


Ah woops thought I did… well sheesh I just moved out here for a new career and it’s lonely I could use a stalker or two :wink:


Very cool man. Just so you know, my Soylent came a day after Fedex’s initial estimate. So prepare yourself for it arriving on Fri just in case.


I also ordered 5/15/14 and received shipping info yesterday :smile:


That’s good to hear. I ordered on 5/28, so hopefully I’ll be seeing some movement soon…

I was able to purchase a month supply from a person on these boards, and I’m down to 3 bags. Yesterday I ate “normal” food for all three meals in an attempt to stretch out my remaining supply, and felt pretty awful most of the day. Combine that with the post from vanclute this morning and I definetly don’t want to run out.


Got my address confirmation on a 5/30/14 order, but nothing else yet…@soylent


Deleted my post cause it turns out my shipping confirmation was in my junk folder and my soylent shipped yesterday. Ordered on May 14.


I ordered June 6th and got mine today :slight_smile:


Got mine today also!! Ordered June 6th


So much for first come, first served…


They’ve had some bugs in the order fulfillment. You were probably an anomaly. Tagging @Soylent to get your issue corrected


Ordered 5/25 or so and should receive it tomorrow per Fedex tracking. Got the email today.


Lucky you. Still waiting for my May 9th and 11th order… Not even a hint of a mail…


First day on soylent, very filling and very plain. Works for me.


I ordered May 26th, got an address confirmation email almost a month ago, and then… nothing. Where’s the @Soylent?


At the end of last week they were still giving out shipping confirmations to orders from the middle of May, so you’re not behind yet.


Got the tracking number email today. :slight_smile: