Soylent orders post funding


Just curious what the timeline is for ordering Soylent directly. It’s been stated that it will be available to purchase by the time the first orders ship, to avoid any lapse for the early adopters.

Does that mean we’ll all be able to order from a Soylent web store in July for August delivery as well?


I’m curious but mainly in that I was concerned that there was going to be so much backlog that I wouldn’t be able to get more after my initial 3 months is up and wouldn’t be able to keep the supply seamless.


We’ll be opening the web store around the same time the preorders ship in August, but since the manufacturing line will be up and running, the orders will ship within a few days, rather than a few months.

With shipping not till December which recipe is safe to try?

What I’m really looking for (and maybe others agree?) is a soylent subscription with corresponding Android app, so that when I eat a non-soylent meal I can press a button, and for every three presses it moves the billing and shipping dates of the next month’s supply back by a day.


I think of that as perhaps more of a nice-to-have. I will forgive Soylent Corp for focusing on more immediate concerns.


Thanks for the quick reply, this is exactly what I wanted to know. Super excited and obviously can’t wait!


I am interested in becoming a distributor. What is your mission goal for distribution of soylent?