Soylent (original flavor) price hike on Amazon?


I’ve been doing Amazon subscribe & save for cacao+original liquid soylent for a few years. This month I was notified that the original price has climbed, up to $39 (then I get it for 15% off that). I see that on the site, original is still cheaper than flavored Soylent; it is $34 for a 12-pack, which was my previous price on Amazon. When Soylent first came there, they said that Amazon required them to keep their price the same as the Amazon price. Does anybody know, will the price on change to make it equal to cacao etc., or is this an Amazon-only change?

Edit: Weirdly, the Strawberry is cheaper on Amazon than Cacao/Original, it’s only $33.50 for a 12-pack. WTF?


I don’t have any answers, but I’d like to know as well. @soylent_team


I noticed the same thing today. Amazon is fairly notorious for running up the price on items that a lot of people have on Subscribe-and-Save. Not sure if this is that, or a more general price increase.

Since Amazon has thusfar only shipped us old-style bottles with ever-closer expiration dates, and wastes a lot of packing material, I’m switching back to direct orders from Soylent for our November order.

Perhaps Amazon got confused between “regular” and “vanilla?” Or perhaps its due to their having their own brand drink now (as mentioned elsewhere on here).


Supply and demand. There’s a shortage of Soylent right now.


Unfortunately, we don’t have any answers either! We are not privy to Amazon’s pricing decisions/fluctuations, but neither site price matches the other, so you can expect no changes over at

– John


Thanks John. I guess I’ll switch from Amazon subscribe & save to subscription for my original flavor.