Soylent Original formula needs to be fixed

I’m so upset now because I drank 5 bottles of Soylent per day for nearly 3 months, it was all I consumed on most days, and now I suddenly am having horrible bloating to the point of tightness in my chest. Doctors say I could have developed an allergy to Soy, but it could also be one of the other ingredients that you guys mentioned? I may try the Cacao and Coffeist to see if I have the same reaction. It has gotten to the point where even just one bottle of original will get me painfully bloated ALL DAY. Soylent staff please please please fix this issue! I love the idea of Soylent and am 100% behind you but you need to fix whatever is causing people so much painful bloating in original flavor, or you will lose a lot of customers! We don’t want to quit but we can’t live like this. I have some Coffeist in the fridge that I never tried, so I may try it tomorrow. Today I’m going with no Soylent for the first time in months, just to see if my stomach is okay with regular food. If it’s okay I will try Coffeist tomorrow, and then if that causes no bloating I’ll consider trying Cacao. It’s just that the non-Original flavors are way too expensive so even if they do work I don’t know if I will fully commit to them. Please please please fix Original!

I compared the labels between Original and Cacao, there are three ingredients in Original that aren’t in Cacao: Rice starch, oat fiber, and isomaltooligosaccharide. I haven’t tried Cacao or Coffeist yet, but when I do I will update with my results. For now this is such a horrible situation and I hope Soylent will fix Original.

Update: My first day without Soylent has, unfortunately, been very good. I actually ate quite a lot of food today, and still do not feel the tremendous bloating and tightness that I felt recently on days with Soylent. I have also started to incorporate Magnesium and Digestive Enzyme supplements, as well as some carbonated water, to help maximize digestion. I am not giving up on Soylent but I am begging them to please heed my story, and what seems like many others, and take a look at improving the “Original” flavor formula. A Soy-free version, even if only one flavor, would also be wonderful for the people out there with Soy allergy/intolerance, and for the men out there who are afraid to incorporate so much Soy in their diet. I will keep this thread updated. I believe in the Soylent mission but in order for Soylent to continue to grow it needs to be open minded and adaptable, which I believe it is, so I hope things will get better with each new version.

I totally agree that a soy free version would be great. When you say bloating, does that mean excess gas too?


Yes there was some excess gas which may have something to do with the oligosaccharide if not the Soy. The worst part is it feels like my belly was going to explode, and the pressure was all the way up in my chest area which made me initially go to the hospital to check for any heart issues, but they said my heart is fine. I might just go to Rosa Labs and knock on their door since their office is down the street from me, I think they have a great vision but they need to be quick to adapt because these kinds of health issues can scare a lot of people away.

We are always looking at alternatives to Soy. The issues come from texture, taste, and amino profile. Sadly few other protein sources outside of Whey can achieve the same effect Soy can. That being said we are constantly looking.


It may have also been the oligosaccharide, since the distributing company said it causes painful bloating and diarrhea at 40+ grams, which sounds like a lot, but not when you’re drinking 5 Soylents per day, it can add up faster than the body can excrete it. I will give Cacao a try and see if I have the same reaction, since Cacao doesn’t have that ingredient. I’m not sure when exactly I will try it, since I need to arrange a return with Amazon on my Original flavor shipments first.

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Good luck with your testing, I’d love to hear if that fixes your problems.

I’m not sure with Amazon vs direct orders, but you might be able to email Soylent support directly to get a return figured out.

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The product development team have been made aware of your post and will look into it. I can’t promise anything will change. But I can promise it will be read and seriously discussed.


@Conor i know that @vanclute has mentioned similar issues with plain 2.0 that go away when using the flavored versions.

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Thanks hoping it works. I’m not worried about Amazon they have been the best of the best really, I get a 15% discount from them and when they mess up my order they let me keep the order and still give me a refund or replacement ontop of it. I do have a lot of bottles already in my fridge though, not sure what I’ll do about those, maybe give them away.

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If you’re based out of Utah or near Washington DC, I could take the unwanted bottles off your hands.

Hello everyone just to give an update I’ve finally gotten around to trying Soylent back into my diet, although still not as consistent as before.

Right now I’m drinking 1-3 Soylent Cacao per day, in addition to regular food (more often I end up at 1-2 per day). Ideally I drink one first thing in the morning (this one is most consistent), one during class break or after class, and one shortly after my regular food meal. Cacao overall has been a great flavor, at best it is a rich luxurious chocolate, but sometimes quality consistency makes for some bottles that are too sweet with an aftertaste (if you can make it more consistently a rich luxurious Godiva chocolate taste, I’ll forever buy Cacao).

I haven’t had any horrible tightness or bloating feeling like the way I did with Original, although I am also not drinking as much as before, but then again it had gotten to the point where even one bottle of Original was causing painful bloating all day long, so I think for now I’m safe with Cacao so far.

Overall, I’m doing better, but will report back once I’m consistently drinking at least 3 bottles per day rather than 1-3.

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Downside of trying to be 100% vegan. Perhaps consider a non vegan alternative in the future? Could even have vitamin D3 instead of D2 then? (My personal wish for when you guys finally reach Europe)

A second version using whey ever going to be an option?

When we launch in Europe our protein source will most definitely be Soy.